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Mar 15, 2017|

Smart meters; Health care; Tax returns

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here we go getting under way you are just in time for our number three in the about a Mack show. Tell me apologize again for the quality of my vocal intonations today. I during the week and I was out I managed to also pick up a cold somehow and I decided to settle in my throat. So on it is what it is I'm doing yeah. Now wants -- thing and I am hoping to get some relief both for UN for me. As we have proceed along here is this afternoon it's great to have you here great to be backward view thanks to a general Hannan and Tony dale. For filling in for me while I was out for the past week pearl. Minor outpatient surgery and now that is all concluded now and hopefully things will go forward will see. I have one more appointment next Monday yen and we'll see how that works out I may have to be out. Then as well but does this pretty soon this won't be behind all of us. I here's how are you join me and be a part of the conversation they just grab your phone using eight Ingles advantage talk Klein number. 803471063. If you prefer to send me a text and a lot of people do. Usually common sense retirement planning text line number 71307. And my email address is Bob. And 1063. WL RD dot com. A Bobby your bracket challenge. For basketball does not exist on my phone I've been through your website three times they and I see nothing IC contest rules but and unable to find a contest. I'd I don't know that's on the mobile app. Or not I'll have to get my phone outlook can save it from your PC. From your computer just go to our web site. 1063 WL RD dot com. Scroll down on the left hand side of the page you'll see a box that's labeled events. And that's what's called a rotator various things rotate through there. Including nine notification about some of our shows like obscene outdoors and salute to service and a few other things are going on. And you'll see the bracket challenge rotate up. In that spot and when did you just click on there you go your business aren't. Bob via Smart meters are very Smart even if you have no electronics. The S meter can record when you use a heating and what time use the bathroom. Or around. When you cook. So wash curl your hair or even. Now what's going on in your sex life yes they Smart meters are very very Smart you might as well put them on a chair outside your window. Wake up. I'm Bob be thankful you sound as you do at least you don't sound like Roddy. Roddy. Got you. Bob what are our rights and refusing a Smart meter from dug into good question. I haven't researched it thoroughly now from what people been on me this afternoon you can opt out. Night and somebody else said that if you do opt out there's a penalty that he charge you for that would I'm mama and among certain. Now whether that's the case for us or not. Bob don't know if he'll do this but I heard you talking about the price of the basketball tickets being so high. We have two tickets for Friday's session number one. North Carolina and Jacksonville State and Arkansas and Texas southern. If anybody wants some will sell them both for 200 dollars total we have them in hand and women career. Should I give this phone number out. I guess she put on here. I tell you what that Dickie you're listening. Before I give your phone number out send me another text and and tell me feel like me to do that. Are you want me to just give your phone number anybody attacks me. That might. Classroom and I don't wanna create further headaches zone percent. Bob I know how to read or watch ran the story no kids in Oklahoma City four out of five kids in Oklahoma City. Couldn't tell time on the clock. The Western Digital but could you show me how to read a son not a matter of fact. Bob by the Smart meters are not only to observe what's going on but so they can control. And shut off your utilities. I'm Bob I understand folks in the midwest have been arrested for refusing to have the Smart meter installed. Utility workers are structured to call the police for assistants. Several folks have been posted on future. Bob I'm 32 years old and can tell time when they stick and the sun. They go. You're going to be aboard my vessel when we set sail okay. Bob the only acceptable replacement for Obama care is pure capitalism. I hear. I'm the promising to get to this piece from my Jeff Duncan. That that was posted today in an email from the daily signal. This comes out from The Heritage Foundation. Congressman Duncan writing. President Ronald Reagan once said we should carry a banner of no pale pastels. But one of bold colors which make it unmistakably clear where we stand on the issues. The twenty HE and mid term elections were historic. Running opposite of president Barack Obama's agenda primarily. Be patient protection and Affordable Care Act otherwise known as obamacare. The Republican efforts resulted in 63. Seats changing hands. The highest possible party in a house mid term election since 1938. And the largest house swing from one party to the other since 1948. Americans were angry with the democrats' efforts on Health Care Reform feeling hoodwinked. By a 14100 page bill crafted in such a fashion. That members of congress were urged to quote passage so we can find out what is in it as an House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and remembered percent. After four years or further democratic control of the senate. Republicans were about to wrest control in the 2014 mid term elections from majority leader Harry Reid. Keeping it for the remaining two years of Obama's term. Republicans would finally be able to send some legislation to the president's desk a big target obamacare. In order to send an obamacare repeal bill to the president's desk. When only a 5446. Senate majority congressional Republicans had to use a budgetary tactic known as budget re conciliation. Which requires only a simple majority of votes in the senate. 51. In order to pass. This is the same method Democrats and used to pass the bulk of obamacare in 2000 jailed. The restoring americans' health care freedom reconciliation. Act of 2015. HR 3760. Q was he re conciliation legislation. For fiscal year 2016. And vehicle used to repeal obamacare. Predictive way Obama vetoed the bill on January 8. Of last year. During the presidential election cycle into when he sixteenth. Republicans were once again given the nod by the nation. By retaining the majority in the house. Keeping a 5248. Majority in the senate and winning the White House when the election of Donald. 45 president of the United States. Obamacare. Once once again in the cross hairs of the Republican may jar. Now. Where do we go from here with the new point. And I will continue. With congressman Duncan starts on this. When we come right back. Here on the Bobby Mack show on Wednesday. On 1063 WL RG. Alamo heads up out there from one of our ways there's Bob just hit a four car wreck on 85 south. Between highway fourteen and Allen right lane blocked there okay for car wreck 85 south between highway fourteen and alum. Bob get well soon you sound like Pat Buchanan and he sounds like the crypt keeper. Bob Arkansas actually plays Seton Hall in session one Texas southern boys do concession to great to have you back. Appreciate that thank you. Oh and about the other tickets are available if you want the phone number to call. I just text me and I will text you the number back rather than give the number I don't hear what am I gonna. Alia I say that paddy and Gaffney okay will now bow right down the number here amok and then pass them along. Bob I taught my daughter's not only how to tell time on the clock but also how to use 24 hour time military time yet GMT. Greenwich shim ma means that have to know the basics in order to progress Wayne from liberty. Bob about the problem of the brackets not being available on the mobile phone site. Easy fix from the mobile phone site go to the very bottom of the page and then click full web site. Artists. Simple enough. Now. Q congressman Duncan stocks about the new plan under proposal. House speaker Paul Ryan and senate majority leader Mitch McConnell hokey usually budget reconciliation. Tactic to once a gun once again. Overcome the democrats' ability to filibuster general legislation in the senate. On the evening of march 6 house leadership rolled out the American healthcare act they re conciliation bill aimed at making changes to obamacare. Many of dubbed the bill Obama Carole white since it does not repeal the Affordable Care Act but instead nibbles around the edges. In an attempt to make Obama care less harmful. Council leadership promises a multi pronged legislative process involving three phase outs. Phase one the reconciliation bill faced true. The top down repeal of regulations. By secretary Tom price and they department of health and human services and face three. Additional bills that will make the necessary reforms to how insurance is sold across America. That would be of course being able to sell across state lines. The problem with phase three as many conservatives like senator Tom cotton an Arkansas and pointed out. Is it will be general bill would require sixty votes to pass in the senate. This is a heavy lift for senate Republicans and a deal making president. Who will need to win over eight Democrat senators to pass this legislation. First and foremost the American health care act does not repeal obamacare. The bill does repeal some facets of Obama here and there are some things don't like about the bill. Which include deep funding of Planned Parenthood something Republicans should have already been able to do. Repeal the individual mandate which requires everyone to purchase health insurance or pay gradually increasing fine. Repeal of the employer mandate which subsequently changes the definition of full time employment. Repeal of the medical device tax and other taxes on health insurance premiums and pharmaceuticals. While increasing the expense threshold for medical expense deductions. Ending the Medicaid expansion after three years. Repeal of the government subsidy for health insurance premiums. These are good things that were all included in the 2015 budget reconciliation bill which passed both houses of congress. The American health care act also repeals the individual mandate requiring everyone to have health insurance or pay a tax. But the house GOP plan replaces the individual mandate with its own penalty. A 30% penalty to the insurer if there is a lapse in coverage in essence. This is requiring people to have health insurance or risk paying more when they do obtain. The penalty will just be retained by the insurance companies instead of being collected by the government in the obamacare tax. And finally congressman Duncan writes the biggest question to ask ourselves this is this the best we can do it. And is this bill what Americans expected Republicans to do with their control of government is this the bold effort so many across America have expected. Is this the bill on which while campaigning on the repeal of obamacare in 2010. Republicans pinned their hopes of winning the majority in the house. Is this what draining the swamp looks like. As written. Is this the bill. That enabled candidates like former representative Steve Sutherland Republican Florida. To capture that Panama City house seat for Republicans for the first time since 18820. Has written is this the bill to compel the people in South Carolina its fifth congressional district. To elect representative nick mold rainy now he key trump Kenyan official. Over incumbent Democrat and budget committee chair John Spratt. Is the bill put forth by speaker Ryan. A bill that 400000. Plus patriotic Americans flooded Capitol Hill to push the war and to Tea Party rally in 2009. Is a language in this bill when Republicans had in mind when they embrace the 2010 pledge to America which promised. The repeal of obamacare and lastly. Is the current language in the bill what Republicans were fighting for in 2013. When the government shut down for sixteen days. During the continuing resolution fight over obamacare. Congressman Duncan continues I ran for congress on repealing obamacare. Not nibbling around the edges not exchanging one mandate for another. I ran to unwind government limit the size and scope of government and unleash the things that make America great. One of the most powerful institutions that has built this country is the free market capitalism. Government has no business being and health care or the health insurance business. We've allowed safety net programs like Medicaid and Medicare to become big. Bureaucratic nightmares and restrict choice dictate terms and mandate coverage in force with a carrot and stick mentality. And funded by the tax dollars are hard working Americans. Medicaid and Medicare are no longer safety net programs they have become V health insurance for many Americans. These programs entangle the federal government with its money. The stage to run Medicaid programs and hospitals and doctors who must comply with bureaucratic mandates. Often crafted by people will Littleton no understanding of the doctor patient relationship. Medical diagnoses are treatments. Is this the senate policies the American people expected when trump Randy in 2016 on repeal of obamacare. How do you think they will react when these are the only part of repeal the past because some members of congress cannot sell free markets and US government. The actor in their districts. I believe they won't feel betrayed. That is why the bill would house leadership is an addition its current form is not one and I can support. That doesn't mean that I will vote no on the final package we don't know what that's going to look like yeah. There are are enough conservative members alike many. Who have the same problems with the current language of the bill to push for substantial changes negotiations remain ongoing. Including those between house and senate conservatives house and Senate Leadership. As well as with the White House. I believe that the house rules committee may present us with a manager's amendment. One that seeks to address our concerns to the final bill. My hope is that we along with the American public any good chance to study that text before we vote on it thus avoiding a policy ask. Moment and fulfilling our promise of transparency to the American people. This is a defining moment in our own rendezvous with destiny and we owe it to the American people to get it right. Congressman Jeff Duncan fueled join me tomorrow on the program in the south. In the 51 hour to talk about the missed what's wrong what's it like to write about it. And and is it right on its face. Is is the trail the right word to say that of obamacare is not fully repealed has the promise of president trump and every other Republican that ran on that platform. I'm for the last six or eight years well six Ers as the Cayman and in 2010. Are are they essentially going back on their word to their own dollars. Are you folks on the phone thank you for patiently waiting and you've been there for awhile and I'm coming to you right after the news. Here on the Bobby Mack show on Wednesday be right back. Welcome back to the voice challenged about him actually here on Wednesday. Now I see that Geraldo Rivera sent on Fox News at a Rachel madcow. Is now the on the on prize holder of the Al Capone vault. Award I would say actually it's more like Rachel madcow is now the proud owner of the Geraldo Rivera excellence in journalism. Award at winning I'll. How funny tweet of the day. Funny tweet of the day from sharp pull her. Add sharp polar. Sorry I got disk come Bobby elated. I'm re Bobby awaited now. Good enough. To keep down in a mine for myself as promised to the bones Leo immediately jam is on he is angrier hello Jim and welcome to the show. In this 280 I wish it would happen area. Its crosstex. Paper cent bin leak. And they have pretty well proven that the key party can't keep the status was drawn out and prevent him from doing their work in previous selection stripe I think yeah I think it would be a great character trot the status and to say apple all confidence in the ability for our best to keep our documentation. Secret I. I think Schmidt nick that's fair tech that this car. Yeah I would be I would be in favor of that here's and ways to another question. What is John constant and what is Jon Johnston and still doing is ahead of the IRS he should have been one of the first ones given a cardboard box and told where the parking lot what's. I'll call lacking yet he's trumpet union an effort to early hanged himself. Well I don't think I guess that and that he's got bigger fish fry was probably. I'm sure he'll work his way around the cost and then but for heaven's sake I mean this guy as you know we did see a guy that protective slowest learner for heaven's sake. Also on the Smart meters yes. There they company in Boston. That we did and engineer that worked with the voice recognition and we didn't see as isn't it that they don't. You can attached two car only up to most own college team main power lab that coming in. And you don't emptying Iraq the power of that is due to the equation on. And. Each of blacks in your home has the signature and with the way they use power. He is a move to a dinner. What and we had you'd turn things aren't all. Just the current signature that he reads badly need. So they would know essentially when you go to the bathroom and when your wife is running now. Hair dryer and anything else they wanted to now. He was able to predict when this order on a jet heater would about a guy but it. Yeah it's very scary and we and it cheeky is clearly not cheated there in the early twenty's they cannot read analog fox. Yup I'm not to rush and apparently it's much a lot more widespread than I thought. And in Oklahoma City it was four out of five gets shall watch. Or he's shown an analog clock and Miguel what the heck is that. Thank you for litany covered registry topics Corey heavy bet I'm glad you're able to leave that are you have to be back. Appreciate that thanks a lot Jim I appreciate it upside in my voice sounds as bad as does the in the process of being out I decided to get a cold weather and with a weather snap and it's assembled in my throat. And I've got one of those zone Los engines in their announcement it's ranching is real people that yeah thanks Monica and I am not got one right now. Bob why isn't a crime why is it not a crime for Rachel man out to release. Our president Trump's tax return on our show she's an even bigger part of all week. And the guy who got a tax return in the first place. And did she look like an idiot last night or what bridging those are breaking out. Ali I'm Donald Trump's tax return. Are from 2000 luck nobody's ever seen from tax returns everybody wants to see a doctor kerns Goodwin auto show but he's doing this is what the Russians. He's brilliant people I demonic dictator and a silent Obama Basel we got. Breaking news. We've got some significant breaking news tonight. And tonight we are breaking news Donald Trump's tax return. Now it's time for the last word with Lawrence O'Donnell and even locked Rachel this is not breaking news. Time now to breaking news shot. Thank you Rachel fit for him to continue our breaking news coverage breaking news grid this is not breaking news. Now that's not. Now we're gonna tell you it's breaking news to get you to watch to try and spike our ratings. And totally destroy whatever small vestige of credibility. And Rachel madcow and BS NBC had to begin with. That's a good news in this story. And it was on Rachel mad cash and now it's up to Twitter verse. On fire yesterday but then probably ten people sought. To the pro Israel Sam bring in Michael he has on his cell phone hello Mike and welcome to show up. Okay concerning that statement you read from just unclear just. Two important things first what you really should bring a storm. And should be brought to every politician on the planet. Any time your statement includes the phrase rendezvous with destiny. It's more tricky and you treat it like being any. You he I know I did it could be it could be mid way or it could be Pearl Harbor. I could you rendezvous with destiny about an hour what are you there. About my destiny tonight. I guess that is everywhere that's that's that's where you're headed and there and it's you know what Michael it's unavoidable. It is purely here is where Credo anyway is it is your appointment with destiny and don't forget Michael and sure meeting. That appointment was destination. That done the ceiling is the roof as Michael Jordan's. It really does. Also very is that there are three big differences between a government tax per hundred insurance. And it 30% increase in your insurance bill troops watching your insurer yeah. First one of those you're auto insurance policy exact same thing collapses they charge you more when you get that we had over right. The second thing you know is an insurance company. How good writing should say we're not gonna charge that just to be competitive. Because it's not a government requirement it's just giving them permission charger that they want sure. And it and they're going to make a decision based on the parameters of their business or whether they can make money or not. Exactly and referred it most important part. And I can't emphasize this enough. Corporate jerks out there who were to get insurance right after that I doubt in your article and color surgery. And then as soon as good insurance company pays for the surgery there and I can't that if you. The company has no right to charge a little more to keep from going out of their books from you or. Well the last I checked. Worst insurance companies in business. Out not as nonprofits. Like to try and actually. Make some money. Exactly which is why whenever you hear a radio right leaning congressman I'm desperately and there are many. Let's not kid ourselves. A private company charging a penalty for a while true is not the same. Different format. Charging you want your Packers won trying. Congestion is not get your church never I didn't hear exactly the children. Yeah I'd go to patriarchs you do yes and thank you don't. Know master. Exactly and I got a good feeling glad no one thing to do what my front door you do and end all of auto. Deal and so on they don't check in my mailbox yeah actually I colleague just. Well destiny as you know Michael. Must be fulfilled so I feel like our own good right now god speed and not gonna want to appreciate the call. 546. On the bombing Mecca. And one of them trumpet player and bands Chicago in the background of course. I am actually here today 515 to eight before six mommy Mac show here on Wednesday and a time board today's edition low. Amazing true facts Gary good voice come on in here. Mom mode clear. Alec is inescapable. Every place we turn these days. Hacking. Whether other guys in the whole trumped phone wiretaps thing. Kellyanne Conway saying microwaves. Can be turned into cameras. Here are four ways to deal with gadgets and gadgets rather that really can spy on you number one. And this is then not in my home for years. You know what they say about duct tape million and one uses. Asked a little bit of it over the camera on your computer. Yes you may feel a bit like a conspiracy theorist but remember. Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get cute. Makes it impossible for hackers do use it. You can also disable your Mike. By the way some people even crack open their laptop and removal. The microphones. Number two don't let every phone app tracks your location. Some of them don't have the same level of security. As I say FaceBook or Google Maps so they would be easier to hack into. You can change your tracking preferences in settings. Parent. Number three update your phone software. Hackers are constantly creating new viruses and finding. I'm new ways to unpacking and stuff. A lot of these software updates. Include security fixes that make it harder. And number four turn off your phone's voice recognition. Feature. Newer phones have a hands free option. So you don't have to push a button ask a question likely new iphones you can just say hey series. And she'll respond. Now that would be fine I guess except for this woman in New Jersey. Whose name is all Lex. Series. I'm not making this up. Course when the woman's parents named her they had no idea. What she was being Kirsch who at 21 year old college student Stockton and university enjoys say. And her name is all blacks are Siri NCAA RY. She says that when apple first introduced series SI RI in 2011. I got an all the time. If I introduced myself would my last name people would always tired of that. Then of course it got way you worse when Amazon created this year. Virtual assistant in 2015. And named it Alexa. Now she says people constantly make Alexa and Siri jokes at her. Especially when she's at work and someone jokingly commands her to do something. By the way she has an iPhone and uses Siri but she says she won't get an Amazon echoed use election because that would be a complete disaster did you know. There was this may be sexist. There was a male answer. To Alexa. Yeah it's Amazon Alex but. There are. Differences okay would you like to order. This new echo featuring Alexa by Amazon has changed forever how we take in media and made a lot of friends in the process elect so tell me a joke. How do you make a hot dogs and legally it's. While volatile. But what about Alexis male counterpart. Introducing Alex. Gonna be like today yeah. Can't turn on the channel. Just like Alexa he can tell you the time order some food and even play you a song. I did think mean night at a. So yeah Alex from Amazon is just like having the real guy around. Reorder up and tonight it's just sit here and relax. The echo from Amazon featuring Alex coming soon Alex's every step dad. Felix. Now be careful what you ask war. And take a break the news of the top of the hour and in the bonus hour is on the way on Wednesday.