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Vince Coakley Radio Show 3-10-2017 Hour 1

Mar 10, 2017|

Vince talks to Rex Rice, State Senator, about Bill 536.

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And Good Friday morning. Good to be back with you. Here and Vince Coakley radio program. Ants. You know for quite some time we've been talking abouts. The corruption of our election process here in South Carolina. And I am referring specifically to the fact I believe there are people in office now who would not be in office. Would outs things operating the way they are one of the ways. That we have long advocated its to change this system bring about something called registration by party. Pretty simple. You only have Republicans. Voting for Republican candidates in a primary pretty basic stuff don't you think. One person who is taken up that cause. And I'm glad to report its introduced legislation. To bring this abouts. Introduce this just yesterday as a matter of fact and he's joining us on the program this morning. Rex rice. Thanks a lot for coming on the program this pointer. I guess I don't smaller. Join very well and very encouraged by the steps that you were taken here. Telus what is it that it's motivated you to do this. You know event just goes back into them both certainly years back when all certainly know we're in. Actually Pickens candy in Adelaide it sure Obama Democrat. And the Democrats have got to go crawl also. The alt come across and vote in the Republican primary to lecture. They leak keep the people elected it would reward key blow or to Democrats are trying to control Republican election. And you know that whoosh. Pretty much just says it all right there may use that you know we got to do something about that and so that's why it introduces legislation. And we've certainly glad that you have taken this step. What does this look like what is the law actually do and how is this implemented. Basically it's saying that you got to commend you gotta Richard either got a slam the Republican. Our Democrat or whatever party you'll be affiliated where you can be an independent. But essentially usually had a kind of this is. This is how much I believe it caught what I stand tall. And that although the primary the Republican primary or award voted democratic primary are actually that'll be an independent and all the not that sure to vote need a lawyer and unless that party decides to allow independents to learn. In their primary it's pretty simple. Now one of the complaints that I've heard from people about this particular issue is the costs because there is a cost associated with this. How do you address that issue in your legislation. Well we don't necessarily addressed the issue of cost amid RC. I think warships in place it's absorbed into the system model really feel like. Other than just going through the process and site that are more republic where I'm a Democrat Coldplay there's a lot of Carlson Bob because she's got the primaries. Audio line. So it's slow it's a matter of each each person displaying you know which part of their failure would. In terms of governing and we continue our conversation here with that state senator Rex rice. I wanna get your your sense of the impact you've kind of told us on the other end kind of overhearing a story about. Democrats boasting about participating in Republican primaries. On the other end what do you see and and I don't need to you know will avoid getting into names here. But how is this manifest itself at the State Capitol in Columbia. Aunts you have for that matter in. National races here in South Carolina because. This is supposed to be a pretty. Rich red states how do you see this kind of falling short of at least the reputation the state has is being conservative. Well on its starting. In envelope recycle it and rice's there you want you can if you like you know. Well that that recite distant right school and Anderson can't Iraq now that replacing Jim brought it down there. And you know I'm not play and who's who and that rice personally that. You know I realize that the EU policy a number of good conservative candidates and mayor. In potentially they're gonna cancel each other both out and I'll I'll also might it might not be as conservative. To limit rights. That's my concern is that you've got a lot of people. That the culture is a Democrat and rights. As a primary. That all the Democrats welcome that but Republican primary so that's what actually happened just in that particular right. Now here's where the rubber hits the road. What kind of supporting you getting on this do you have a sense of how many. I don't yeah I don't you know I just sent or received yesterday which is something that. You know as a freshman senator I've been kind of sit back wait only concerning your senators to try to leave. But it won't step on anybody's toes but if you wouldn't say anybody. Jumping out and thank in this position and so option at the school hadn't removed follow our us. You know felt like it. And I'm I'm Smart enough to know as a freshman you don't almost Apple's senior star who's. If they have and agendas such as discipline Walt to loot all the way that I didn't say body moving forward with its I introduced it yesterday. Bob before I got home that I got a call from Alan Clemens over in Iraq now slightly Walt standard there's companion legislation layer. You know I got a lot of calls on it so I feel like it's gonna move them. All of you got stolen quickly. You know what we can get it through the passion not on no load and we targeted through descendant or not. Well you know it's Hammel trail with you're not actually is simple point don't necessarily work recently. Boy don't we know that is the truth. What do you want people to view right now. To help this this cause. What's. You know what can regular people listening right now what can we do to help advance this legislation. In obviously believe those this or. Or outside a district that you can call their senators would you get on this legislation. It is very simple or any senator can add his name. Almost a cosponsored any towns and bad they turned spot. So you know. Poll collier are slim occur if you don't live in the senate district two until then we get on the if he knows somebody throughout the state ask them let them call their center. Absolutely you know that's what we need to loosen him need momentum moment. And just to reiterate. Is there a build number so that we can keep this streamlined. A bill number that they can reference and say hey we once this particular piece of legislation. To be advanced and we want you adapt to cosponsor this with Rex rice. Yet it is esque top 36%. Of about 36. KS 536. So we've got our marching orders here folks. As 536. And will try to spread word about this in and hopefully. See this thing through this time has been talked about for years it's time to make this happen Rex rice thanks so much for your leadership on this issue we. Absolutely appreciate it sir. Like keep it operation cure or help. We continue on the Vince Coakley radio program. You folks many of you have asked for it here it is it's now been introduced. Now let me encourage you. Contact your state senators. You were state senators. All you have to do is send a text to see Al Al. 271307. Against seven entries are seven and Cindy word call. CA LL to find out who your state senator is contact and tell him you want them to support senate bill. 536. Registration by party. Wanna get your thoughts on this and much more as we continue we've got a lot to cover today including. We're gonna jump in on this issue we're not gonna wait for Washington to figure out how to deal with health care because frankly they don't know what the heck they are doing they really don't. We're gonna talk with someone who does know. Coming up right here the Vince Coakley radio program 80347163. Text line. 7130715. After ten. And we can see the broadcaster nineteen minutes after the hour of 10 o'clock. And it's we take your calls at 80347163. And Louis have Bob Biron on the line good morning. Hello Lou thank you but I cannot solve them. I don't hurt your previous. Interview with you gentlemen in the legislature that want to put in. Primary election about parties. Which I have no problem and a bit but that's a good idea I think on the current system more or an open primary. This very tense the taxpayers pay for. End up that he characterized it as a party election. And it is that the K and that's what I wanna do they need to belly up to the bar. Any type board and let the party paper that election. Instead of the taxpayers. Being put it with a bail for each party's election so he had a Democrat Republican the constitution. Of the Green Party that whatever party. You're gonna end up 78. Or ten primary. Paid for. By the taxpayers. So why this is this pleasing to you. I don't department is pleased India's. The taxpayers have to put the big deal. Now if I were to make the other argument here how would you respond to this there are those who say. We're paying the price now because of the people who were being elected. It's costing much more. Band it will cost. To cover this change how would you respond to that. Well under the current system is an open primary which made everybody has the opportunity to vote. It is similar to a general election and their or the taxpayers pay for. But if you're gonna make it in heavy Ron the party. The party apparatus the party leadership will make all these decisions about. How is operated. Then they need to pay import. Why should I ha paid for their decision to run an election for these home. Okay I'm just curious by the way out we'd shot party represents you. I would be an independent. Now this definitely makes it's. You word independent and it's understandable why you would not wanna. Pay for either one of the case. Makes a lot of nothing. I have no problem doing it at all and I understand what a lot they owe the Democrats crossover and I I completely agree with them. But I don't think this is going to solve the problem. You don't have like you have in other states where they now register by authorities. This year I'm a Democrat then it here on the Republican. Met here I'm an independent I can change my party affiliation. At the drop. A path. Well you brought up semi very appropriate concerns here that need to be considered a slot for your call their Byron Fred. Good morning welcome sir. Good morning. What are hard to. Registration. Enclosed bomb lawyers associated were already. Only I am Puerto as well as the remote county Republican Party. However we've Jewish you spend more on the issues it is. A couple of years ago power state party leader Jack Connelly who's now running our. Trying to assume the illusion of multi. This that it was in an alliance would be grateful county at all salute challenging every. Obama. Appointed church and it. This so all of us from doing that but based on the fact according to the judge that we would not allow. People don't perception played in the selection public Canada called abdominal so the Republican Party. Now. The least despite partly because of the ride close. As well as the national party. You know I or to close the primaries. To Republican colleagues are fairly well in steady. Iraq goes to support particularly on the coast and in the central area. But no actually because of the way that the elections system is set up in the farm owners. And the national primaries. You have caucus in Iowa and that does not truly reflect. Reflect the representation there you have an opening party. Problem pops primary voting in New Hampshire and then again you have an open primary system in the state of South Carolina. Two words the Republican. Conservatives. Aren't knocking off one another. Whereas the moderate or liberal Republican which is supported by the national party. Gets the majority of wondered like tall building as well as my own memorable established through those first three elections. To the point that we did they use in theory you're not a representative Kent untrue that. Hey I I understand where you're coming from here it sounds like so you would favor. Having registration by party is that correct. Exactly and even at the corner if you truly are going to marry a close primary Republican or Democrat or independent. And you put it to register. And the party rescission just see it entitle you to vote and it acts. The integrity of the party. So you are open to the idea of a an actual. Well. I don't know if you actually called attacks but you're saying that it's the voters were actually pay specifically. To be a member of the party and you think that's a way to pay for it. It's like this particular. Neighborhood. Terror homeowner association you can fifty million member of that homeowner association. Repeatedly food because in that supports your position hopefully. But also it that's so old people promote another group coming into your room promoting. So it's just trying concept fortunately pulled that. Ardor he's making decisions that are Roma to Europe every position. You allow it to do so you can dilute the voting public party but it's also. Solidifies. The position of the party so be it. I area and I can you agree with your perspective on this I appreciate your call and and what you shared here because yes I have heard in fact the story you shared about the shenanigans. That I've gone awry and you prevents a change in this we've got politicians. This is a gravy train for them. They know it's long as this continues. This is one of the difficulties and I just wanted to be heads up. I think that's gonna have difficulty in the legislature. Because I think there are a lot of people in this legislature in Colombia who would not be there. If registration by party were in effect. It's just that simple. And I think many of these folks know that. So it's gonna require ground swell of people like you standing up and saying all right. Who is a genuine Republican here what does this even mean you've heard me talk about this just in this week. What does his darn party about. What is it about. What does it represent. What I see nationally. If I were. Forward looking in from the outside based on my old understanding of the constitution. The founding documents. If I were basing my decision on what I see and what Republicans are doing there is too liberal too. Nothing. That would attract me to this party I'm just being honest with you. And I want to reiterate again. Lest anybody get any stupid ideas I made life lifelong. Registered Republican. So the question is. Will this advance. Will this advance and bring about some form of purity if you wanna talk about purity of action. It's really got to start devoting level. If you've got people who aren't even Republicans voting for Republican candidates choosing. The nominee. You've got a problem at the very basic level. I again welcome your thoughts 80347163. That's the Eagles advantage starkly number. Common sense for retirement planning text line is 71307. How's this for developing story. Arnold Schwarzenegger percent net. Yes apparently he's thinking about it. Just thought I'd throw that into the mix kind of entertaining. As we continue. 29 minutes after 10 o'clock. Tech slide already getting fired up here I love this wasn't. This is great. Vince we could name re name. Bill 536. All of the stopped Lindsey Graham bill. That's a good oddly though. At a techs are saying is it constitutional to change. To charge someone devote any primary elections he misses. That's one of the questions I can very easily some sees somebody saying well this is a poll tax. Would take very long. And and it's really kind of aid which you referred this is a tricky question because. This is really not about voting this is about. Membership any political part. And you could actually go and vote in the general election you just couldn't vote in the primary. So yet it's could be kind of complicated. Edit text you're saying here the Supreme Court ruled the state must bear the cost of election's primary or otherwise the cost year in New York are minimal. Voters have to change their party designation once election cycle before the primary presidential delegates New Yorkers elected. By congressional district. Vote for all parties. That's kind of interest in the way that is set there. Also. Text your saying open primaries a reason we can't send senator Graham Packaging. That is via perspective Lotta people sheer another text you're saying the homeowners associations a bad example. A bad example. The whole all alert homeowners association feet. It's not. What is this akin to have to look this went over here. Weller saying you know have a choice but to pay the homeowners feet. Then we are paying for open primaries big time to the tune of over 50% the money for our roads being stolen from the people South Carolina each year like 300 million dollars. And Jeff this was my point I think we're paying for this already. By bad legislation. So I think it's you know my perspective would be that you probably are gonna end up saving money. In the long run. What do you think about this. Protection saying of course Republicans can always go out and vote for he knows I assume Democrats in name only. Why would you wanna do this. Also. Techsters environs a great example of an independent Democrat votes in Republican primary race. When you announced about Schwarzenegger running for senate I wondered which party then realized they meet he may beat. The out first represented of of the U at a party shaking my head. And while on the subject of elections have you heard about the move as some states to designate their electoral delegate votes. To say whichever candidate wins the popular vote no matter what the state actually decides. Seems to effectively eliminate the Electoral College in the voice of some of the people. If the states voted that there can't yes they have all kinds of tricks they've been trying to pull undermine the Electoral College. All that's necessary for conservative Republicans to split away from the GOP. And former Conservative Party. South Carolina like new York and through other states. Allows fusion voting which means conservatives can endorse Republicans or Democrats and the votes. On a Conservative Party line count towards. Electing those candidates they've endorse. This can lead to Lindsey Graham being ousted from the US senate prevent others like him for being elected. And this. You can't charge party members of the four primary that's known as a poll tax and has been ruled unconstitutional. By. The Supreme Court and illegal under the voting rights act I assume that probably would be. I have serious doubts that that would meet constitutional. Muster. 803 for seven or 63. 71307. Badly we have next on the line I mean crips. Welcomed the broadcast. I then you know are hurting your cup and about how much Jacob Cutler has over your primary reconcile that cochlear war are quick. We have one primary right now we're Democrat someone they would call the military. Go to that could designate one can get a good thing it could be good where you're marked whatever. Crime rating at Carolina and everybody if you go to the primary. On the same treatment day. Legal and political polls opened. Several days Julio one day you're more open in more than one day. You couldn't couldn't seem. You've you victory party a year in advance make sure that you know. Is what you're only could it be you've got to read your party preference than total between between partners will round. You you're part of a party that way you have some kind of special interest there where. Well you know I think Lindsay Graham running on this ticket this year so it you know I'm at my party affiliation. Right now out of double permanently brand new in the which would probably get. So unnoticed. Regularly you know and we had craw you know I worked with opera and chaos that we want unity that you know they're pretty noble product candidate for the but put the put it in the popular that haven't been pushed at all. You know. They can make people beat the greater party affiliation with what candidate for the fundamentals. And then when we primary program everybody thinks. The only you have yep he's the candidate on your ticket. In the problem I have with these favorite over the pole here. Primary is not kid who I think you know collect pretty calm person public office. The primary is people like the party's political represented at. This is who we want to put forward who every you know week or OPEC. OPEC won't really part the general election because. The primary. In these parties though flipping it and it. Writes. That cope with separate from those collecting the impact of the person who go to windows or Google removed her. Eight original another way to do this Chris and I just thought of this because last year you may remember in the Kentucky. Situation. Remember ray and Paul. Wanted to make sure he was on the ballot for president and percent it. The nature as a back up he was able to run. What they did in order to make that happen. Is he actually. Paid the money to turn the primary into caucus. So they have a caucus instead of a primary. I thought that was a very interesting way to do it last year. And you know the cost was born by the Rand Paul campaign. That's how they dealt with it. So that's another solution if they if if the cost is affect your bout thanks for your call their Christian. As we continue on the Vince Coakley radio program continuing to get your thoughts on this idea registration by party coming up. We'll take a look at the day in history in fact. We will take a caller the first caller who wants to dare to try to answer. Three questions on this day in history march 10 2070. In 803471063. So. If you think you can do it. Colin now. Be glad to have a little fun with you. On this Friday edition of Vince Coakley radio program stay with us. And we continue to broadcast year 10 minutes before 11 o'clock. Can you leave. A single ticker. On the dating history in wanna call right now. It's easy 803 for 76 career takes line 713 years seven. And oh we've actually got one year. Who we have on the line yours Q along. Let us see the. I'm waiting for the name to prop up here. Is that sets so too is. Two way read that correctly one to make sheer Patrick. And it does say he's sorry sir that you. Actually. Maybe not. Well we do we have somebody on the line wanting to try to play the game here we have one we had two more people calling intimated as DP world. OK well let's take our first caller we have on the line here. Tell us on our way for a who grew grow chip from Greeneville well you're pretty. Relative check it should not okay. Well welcome aboard you and let's see. If you can master these three questions. As we take a look at that day in history. This is the tenth day of march. And for the very first question Betsy how far back we go for this one. For some reason they're she. Would get an 1864. With this particular person became the commander. Of the American army in the civil war. Who was it 1864. You recruit her corner you are genius. Very good and it's the first question here you're one for one. 1876. This event happens. And on one end of the phone call is. Mr. Watson who's on the other end. From our regret about. You are correct. Very good very good two for two and last and at least 1969. This person was sentenced to 99 years for the murder of Martin Luther King Jr. Our current girl right you're three for three chat. Awesome job man. Thanks for calling in and participating. In the bar I wish we had price just wave but you don't prices edged up be fun to. To this audience participation. Which is always cool. 803 for 7163. Or text line 713. Years seven and you heard the announcement a few minutes ago. Abouts. The bracket challenge when you're each more information on this so you can make your choices. Between now and the weekend. Because now you need to start making your picks. Now. You start making the picks. On March 12 up to fifteen minutes before the first game on March 16. Each round of the challenge we'll have a winner. And you received. Prices. Restaurant gift cards grills drills concert tickets much more. One overall grand prize winner will actually win a huge prize pack consisting of gift cards. From shark in Shaq which to par. Wink stop. Ray OB grills. Stock real curable likely Carolina rebellion three day VIP tickets. I know a number of people would love to have those and legacy pines golf pass. Now this is her April 3 in need to make all of your picks by march 16. You can read all the official rules and pricing it's available on our website 163 org the club's coaching out. Now is the time to make your picks. And die and be very interest. To see how all of this please. So have fun with that. As we continue to broadcast coming up the next hour we're gonna talk abouts. How we can deal with the health care system a free market approach as opposed to. Just be honest with you with these corrupt politicians are doing in Washington. He eat there's no more excuse for this this is not about people port ignorant the report not stupid. They know exactly what they're doing their corrupt they are corrupt. Now we can spend hours. Every day on this program complaining then you know moaning about how crook these politicians are. Or we get around to business the real business of governing ourselves. And figure out how we can take over our world health care system. It's really very simple coming up next hour we will discuss just that. I think that is. What self governance is all about you've heard me talk about that on this program. That that is our ultimate goal. By the way speaking of legislation. We talked about registration by party. We've also got its as mentioned in the news. A bill allowing carrying firearms without a permit its advancing. In the house. So it's important to remember that. This is also making its way through the legislature I think this one's probably gonna have an easier time than registration by party what do you think. So up. Something else to follow on a local level because again what matters most is what's happening locally that's where you can be most involved and make a difference. Against CA LL. If you text to 713 jurors seven to contact your legislators. To let them know where you stand whether it's on this. Firearms issue. Or registration by party. So get it done folks. Are over to the Vince Coakley radio program coming up Radio One 63 W orgy.