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Aug 2, 2015|

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Welcome to stop worrying you're retired with George busting of northstar financial and retirement planning. Yeah bad things happening. I wanna make sure that. And northstar financial and retirement planning will help you accomplish your future financial goals and we wish you every step of the way. She's taken off the table. Having to worry about your money you're never just an account numbers you have entrusted us with your life and retirement savings a responsibility. We take very seriously. Having the money. Is something we have to have that doesn't change your values at all and when we get to retirement the second part of your life should be choice. And now stop worrying you're retired radio. Laying. And may get. All my news makes you so much for joining us today for stop pouring if you're tired it's all part of north star financial and retirement planning my name is Kristen Charleston and the pleasure of being alongside George fasting and elegant suite talking about the various things happening around the world around the country Carolinas and Philly all have an impact on you and your personal economy but don't necessarily have to have an impact on your nest egg on your retirement. More right now at north star 65. Dot com and today we're going to talk about what you should be watching out for on your accounts is at average -- actual returns. His paycheck keeping pace with inflation small talk about a few Smart retirement strategies you need to know about all the as you're about to turn sixty and George Ryan and these are all important topics for everyone listening today because these things that folks face every single day in retirement and in Georgia a few years ago. You decided to start up a teen at north star financial and retirement planning tips tell folks with retirement solutions for these issues. That's right Chris and after and you see yourself since we've we've entered the funerals I am. Mark a few years when independent about five years ago now so that that's made a profound difference in my practice and the O'Toole look now have available to help out my clients in the in the community has been wonderful and great move by the best of my career. And then you are able then bring others on the team is swelling just one of those Ryan you and and you in Georgia and the rest is Tina northstar are really just enjoy helping your clients every single day. We do blood getting down in the meaning sitting down and going over people's plans they're goals and just really helping Obama get there the national sang Christian world strangers until we shake hands. That's right then we're in the south and then for me or. There's insulin on each other but yeah. You look at the clock is there. Just hug anybody that walks by NIC over the third or fourth not a very got there. Any idea I really think no panacea. If you any questions for George Ryan today or are the team at north star financial and retirement planning just know that there are available to you in a phone call away and we'll take your call off the air. And can even set to open a complimentary retirement review. 8051809. At 20 and we 800 number of because we've got offices in Greeneville Asheville or Andersonville and can sit down with you at whichever is closest to you listening today 8051809. At 20. You know guys there's money advice that we hear so often we. So it must be true. But yeah. Finance recently listed at what they called bad money advice that we hear all the time so I doesn't give you a couple examples here some of the advice in this article and it. You tell me if it's in bad advice good advice and and you might have some other advice offers is that. Please look at them when they arrested hero was save 10% for retirement and you'll be set back. Good advice. Get a tackler folks if you put the 10% and start doing the math then you come up to your retirement you can come up short more likely listeria. Some type of professional where you can set aside a lot higher amount but you should be about twice as much as you can possibly do it hard to do. That's easier said than done but try to do. 20% as opposed to 10%. I start saving for your kids' education a right away that advice or advice well that's the knee jerk reactions and it. We're always slow go take your kids and that's the society we live and you need to take care needs first to you distort. With your own retirement plan you can't help other people as you help yourself first then if you don't hurt. Planning towards your retirement. And you're so concerned just about the children's education we understand eleven where we've got children in college and more coming up and you we get that part yet there's a tool available on music Chris and where were able to do gulf her we have an an account set aside to be tax free we can borrow. Without creating a tax burden for ourselves. Help pay for the children's tuition. Select bucket back up and when I triggering taxable event and then it's up money available for Meredith my wife and I as a retirement. So there's other ways to do that as what you're saying besides just paying for the collagen out of pocket I'm trying to retreat the actually yeah you're below. It's in a recommendation is that sound so attractive very little later on the show you my want to. Gives calling them to learn more about it but it's a very powerful tool Christa. Them talk a little bit later on in the show about you know kids and retirement as well I analyst George avoid credit cards at all costs good while. The brunt of the bat we have a lot of our clients challenge you the writer on that why they're very good utilizing their credit cards they are taking advantage of the the bonus per and the frequent flier points things so that is their travel and they are traveling call the best thing they're right back and again these these are a broad stroked. There's nothing wrong with having your debt and don't get me wrong but used responsibly credit Chris beaver powerful tool. Well and that's the thing is used responsibly as some folks can forget about them but everything in moderation I guess as does what they say I'm the last impulsively central. True that's just. Of it being impulse of the on the list also ranked higher as soon as you can't. Get this one because we're all sitting at work in some way going gosh when to find out your wins at 5 o'clock or are thinking about wind and I retire should we retires we can't. Again. A broad stroke type comment that can be dangerous and firm six years experience Kristen. I've seen numerous people come in. And they already retired and they said you know I think are retired to soon where things are going the way I planned and virility is extra money talk. Part two that is take the Social Security too early and I don't understand if you hate your job you were connect coal mine gad as soon as possible Woolsey we did help out and make that too so it is something that is achievable yet. If it's something you enjoy doing or you can even go part time or even on the consulting side to run and see many people. This past year they're doing part time work just kind of offset so they don't have to. They've been fully into their retirement savings so there's options and part of that is. You don't know if that's achievable or not if it's doable. Simply put it on paper. And have a look at a plan assays is something again what you wanna do always if this is a consideration plan for the worst and hope the best. And they weren't exactly in the and you mention Social Security there for you listening coming up in just a little while we're gonna dive into Social Security conversation just a little bit more and and really some things you do need to know and he thinking about and how George Ryan and the team at north star financial and retirement planning can help you with that if you have questions about that immediately they're a phone call away can take your call off the air. And even set up that complimentary retirement reviewed to discuss it maybe it's Social Security or some other topics that affect your retirement. 805. Point eight. 0920. And were always at north star 65 dot com. Well Petra Kelly he's the national best selling retirement author here's a new book called the final retirement mess. Three actually talks about the difference between average returns. And actual returns. If you take an average return over twenty years in the S&P five under any index or anything at all in the market their years of negative returns you're gonna ask. Have to factor in a negative number and any time you factor in a negative number. Into. An average it makes it an inaccurate average here's the problem now. Most. Mutual funds if you go on to their website right now look it's gonna say. The average return for this fund over 1351020. And the lifetime of the fund the average return is this the clients get that statement that says you're the average return been 78% whatever it is legal. For. I got about 3% or 4% or less because average returns don't talent hackers story. George Ryan really need to know about average vs actual returns. I love this topic personally and George talks about it when he does is classes he's he's taught at north Greeneville. Furman University. Tourist community college. And no right now he's actually over on the classes it's going to be better than it ever was and we're really excited about rolling back out soon but it. You know averages are so dangerous I love numbers and it's amazing what people can say. And it's accurate and it's true but it's completely misleading here's they sample we did during the class fur out. Visualization I like visuals. I think she's this is that are onboard that on the radio but to give my best shot let's say. This pretty straightforward you had a hundred dollars a 100000 dollars invested. Would still equal 100000 dollars if you average era true. Thank you address the same inching part comes when you calculate the actual return. Let's take the same example and actually run the numbers and we put negative here we'll see what really happens. When you take a 100000 dollars employs 50%. Your cal will be worth hundreds of details right right that he takes he wants fifties and take with a 2%. May only have 75000. Cracked current. That's a 25% loss from the original or 2000 yet. On statement all show an average of zero. See why I went there. That they tell you that the other thing I as South Carolina public school education I had. Hit a math but that doesn't make sense. And it's and it it wears what's the value behind knowing that it do you Tennessee and its sights on your statement. It's a loud it is so people look at this society have a negative year. And the whole method average goes out the window you can't use that. The power of minimizing volatility keeping to a mallet is a profound impact though on your overall portfolio. You need to understand if your portfolio Curley is over. You know you've got a high risk tolerance OK I understand the downside with that will be these negatives approaching and wiping away. Happen interest. Getting a little maybe Fuzzy with the with the pitcher but I'm telling folks they asked if we have another 2008. And we dropped a clue what's happening in China. That's just amazing the losses so using this illustration of the negatives commend mayor of you Mike a statement saying what snow is only we averaged hero but your accounts their point 5% you can't pay your bills folks. With averages with percentages you pay with true dollars. So understanding money. This is just a keystone of retirement planning understanding how the math works. And George this is 15 minutes that Patrick Kelly talks about and his is both the five retirement mets' all be listening out there right now I've got five books set aside until it. Very easy greed takes about half an hour 45 minutes. And you can learn about five major retirement myths that are out there that people just don't realize or inaccurate so. Pray nebulous thing you wanna get a copy of the book please give us calls from very popular were their listeners. And now we've got five ready right now. So they won the first five dollars 805180920. X 805. Point eight. 0920. In Georgia and Ryan we'll send you out that both complementary more details any time as well north star 65 dot com. There's a survey saying the 7% of Americans say this person is just as important as their doctor. We'll tell you who and why it matters some nights next stop worrying you're fine. North farm financial much time. Because his Uncle Sam it's vitally important to be attacked Smart it's possible in retirement. Now would be a great time to plug George causing a nor sent financial and retirement planning to Argentine can save tax efficient ways to help generate income for life and answer any important retirement questions like. And my thing is really ready to retire at the end going out and my ass and this did not include financial drama especially from Uncle Sam owners are financial and retirement planning today at 180518. Here in 190 or visit north star's 65 dot. Norris recently turned 75 years old and to this day and I think the only thing that tech is afraid and is a living his money. Unfortunately that's a fear of many Americans just how would you make your money last for life. Did George tossing of northstar financial and retirement planning to call today and 805180920. Georgia's team will help you get the most from Social Security as well as help you develop a strategy press is getting retirement income. George will help create a plan based on your unique objective. All northstar financial and retirement planning for your complimentary retirement review 805180190. Or visit north star 65 dot com. Now's a great time to sit down with George through reviewing your retirement goal. All northstar financial and retirement planning and 805180190. If Chuck Norris cancer is the phone. I'm very very politely. Did you or did you know. At my true Social Security like it's routine maybe the biggest financial planner you can make as you approach retirement. Did you realize that failure to use the strategy when it comes to elect himself during benefits. Content you endorsed a thousand thousands upon thousands of dollars in Los retirement incumbent before you apply for Social Security benefits. Com source tossing and his team at north star financial for your complimentary Social Security reported an 805 point 80920. Or visit north star 65 dot com. You for joining us day to you first couple earning your retirement George tossing a northstar financial and retirement planning and Ryan Mulligan as well. Found north star 65 dot com that's The Beatles when they hit we first heard in the summer of 1964. Hard day's night you meals third albums. What does this thing hits the very first song that. There was ever ridden by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. You know George looking back you know with The Beatles fans of all ages these days before you would be also are are you. I was sitting at three I was born. A few months when I came out I was I was all over. If I broke the deal with The Beatles are number or classes are are teacher she takes the record player that she put on. The hard day's night and various other songs he kind of circuit in the group going in during our class remember that it was. It was seventh. Grade seventh grade and I said hey cool customer that some of those visual cue us pretty awesome. Very cool teacher very full teacher and more to reminiscent and have some fun here on the show because really that's our retirement is about it's about having fun but to have fun you do have to have that plan in place and that's why it's so important internal listening today. And then if you have questions do you take the next step in and called George and Ryan they'll take your call Aussie Aron and put a compliment for retirement reviewed to answer those retirement questions that you have 805. Point eight. 09 at 20. That's 805180920. You know speaking of working harder recently on CNBC more Stanley strategists. Say Asia Amoroso had talked about how your check is actually not keeping up with rising costs. We'll look at wages. Or with the last ten years actually inflation adjusted median wage in the United States has not risen it's actually folic. I think that's what's missing in this piece of the puzzle until we see that wage men and some will likely not feel for the pickup in economic momentum Georgia. Put a priority on saving for retirement as are earning power has gone down I mean that the man they are doesn't really make sense. That's true and what message is said is correct it's a challenge and we're we're just trying to keep ahead and put extra money meanwhile inflation is. Ramping and it's kind of low right now stupid 3% -- from different opinions yet. The purchasing power let's say your twenty years from retirement and 3%. We're looking that's a series conference coming up short you need to get on the stick if you've got that's goes back to said earlier this first 20% of your saving him as opposed to 10% Christen. You can do that action to combat inflation blisters prime 90% of you out there you've got your pay increases your cost of living increases. Probably. One half to 2%. The second at the job done you're looking a lot of things are going up gas prices and conducive rundown get a seems like spell everything else is going over to the movies. Happened Caroline that's that's enough to knock you backwards holly this is priced movie ticket so if you want to enjoy it. Things are you doing today at 101520. Years from now. That's a standard eleven. You've got to plan accordingly you've got to delay in your budget unless you wanna go and start doing can put jelly sandwiches and retirement he's got TV and we called the hidden killer. Which is inflation. So putting that extra side looking at how you dear investments your money's got to go to war for I don't think you get there. Did just by your wages alone and setting aside we got to take advantage of your retirement accounts. If your company has a 401K. And you know at least matching to it what they're doing I think you kind of crazy he need to take advantage of that. You need to look at your investment vehicle. As. It earnings but it's just give your money job have a go to work crow take care of inflation. We love to put these plans together we plug all the different components and we build inflation and folks if you listen to do not take inflation. You've got to take it seriously opened that what you've got to build it into your plan if it's not being address currently. If you're doing your own planning her she worked with an advisor. Kind of a challenge on that that dollar is going to be worth about seventy to eighty tense when you go to the store or in retirement. That's a big difference and and that's why you do really have to pay attention and things like this in your probably like me listening today inflation and something you hear about. This is things yeah of course are gonna hire overtime that just makes sense. But what we don't think about is how we've got to compensate for that in retirement and that's where you turn the folks like northstar financial and retirement planning a George Ryan and the entire team. They got offices in Greenville Asheville or Henderson villain can sit down with you whichever one is closest to you here's a number 80518. 09 at 20 what do is help you develop a retirement income plans so that you achieve your personal goals and retirement. And inflation is absolutely a part of that conversation check out at north star 65. Dot com does a a new Wells Fargo survey says percent above fluid investors who responded say that there are financial advisor. It's just doesn't Ford and as a doctor. Now. An interesting to me you know your doctor is very important because sometimes that's not life or death situation. Showing signs his son's symptoms of financial stress George what is important for us to see our financial doctor which I guesses you Enron and how. Give me an example just this past though weekend and a gentleman he's a business owner here in the community came and we sat down on a Saturday morning is timing is off. And he wasn't feeling well let's put it that way he went to me so I'm just not feeling good about my finances and retirement I don't have a penchant. I'm doing physical labor and so he's doing well. But he doesn't have a penchant. He start to see these symptoms cropping up things he's able to brush aside for years now he's in 5758 years of age. These symptoms is turning to appear becoming little more serious. And he came and in it was very much of a consulting type situation. I was asking questions and just kind of talk away we're able to go ahead and find out with decent to lose a war it and some solutions that type medications if you will put a month. But actually there's there's a plan in place. By the time he left his about a two hour meeting. He walked out as to how do you feel. And he said. I fully contract I feel better or rock and I'm now making that up folks it was a wonderful meeting that's. Absolute best part of what I can here Ryan as well when people walk out and feel like there's hope. In George stuff that was Barbara listeners this. What if scenarios and yes allies are you somebody called and they called infer what were actually don't talk about they called inferred complete planning review. And complete planning reviewed CPR just like a financial doctor of course and I it is all their recess vacation I guess that's funny and you plan your goals back to life. And for right now for the next fifteen minutes Ashley. We'll just say for the rest is show if you like to take part of this really talked about Reagan later on Georgia's. Complete planning review he's going to take a third party review of all your current accounts. What they are tackle situation. What your goals are for retirement how much might need in retirement your income needs will discuss the security. And he's really going to take time to educate young what you have. What you need to reach those goals and I really make it so you can get they're gay where you need today. That CPR and as you just heard that has been a great value to a lot of folks have listened. Heir to the radio show stop pouring your retired and it's all part of what George in the teens do at north star financial and retirement planning call right now a George Ryan in the team and devote. A few hours a week to. Making these CPR is available to you are blisters complimentary. 805. Point 809. At 20 that's 805. Point eight. 09. At 20 but I complimentary complete planning review. And you know essence as a check up it doesn't make sense we go to the doctor for check out why would only know one for financial check up. Just think too quiet and just think he has as Ryan was making your comment. What the shell and its said he said he's met with with several other people. And what really resound in over the radio was he had met with other people says that seem to be there are pitching a product. And he said you're talking about a plan. Here talking about other things besides just money. We can talk about equality life and health care about Social Security putting all the components together looking at me as a person as opposed to. Kind of sales staff I think are really I was just really nice. Compliment and I and I was taking the right way and you said the right way very sincerely. M and a lot to me they're really gives us say haven't you people ask you what separates us from. Some other folks out there and see ability to step back and take back a truly holistic approach. As folks say it was what's important see where it where do you see where is the end of mine where he's senior retirement. Is it adding an interaction and a lot of times you say now it's coming out there. So we find by sitting down take the time and getting to know people but it really benefits everybody together with the crew and orcas are run. Clearly this summit ever clients say the same things of value it's it's taking a pot of money and assets and turn it intrigue. They planned an overall plan. And George police used the analogy of a building a house knew who you put your money working in my new different jobs. Just like a different tools and building a house and a turtle beer contractor will be coach law on the way. Then and really help you build that house know that retirement. And that's the thing is you need somebody to really thinking about yes you're building a house you know you know a lot about houses that you might not be thinking of all the little details. Nobody you know a little something about retirement this is the same thing George Ryan and the team at north star financial and retirement planning aren't thinking about those details and their phone call away Scotiabank complimentary complete planning review. And get that check out for yourself listening today 805. Point 809. At 20 that's. Complimentary if you call between now and the end of Michelle. 805 point 80920. Ever own is online at north star 65 dot com bulk. The next few believe that you can actually learn about retirement this not just fun and it's all from the golden girls itself from the eighty's and ninety's plus some fun flashing back in time with and next and talk more about you and your retirement here and on stop worrying you're tired when George fox and Brian Mulligan of northstar financial and retirement planning. Social Security it's your money and feel that I change Social Security like it's preteen. May be the biggest financial wonder you can make this your first retirement. Did you realize that villiers he's strategy when it comes to a legend goes to charity benefits and costing you endorse bouncing thousands upon thousands of dollars in lost retirement income and people living longer and it's now more important than. Before the make the right decisions about wind and how to begin receiving Social Security benefits. That's why it's important to build a complete retirement lifestyle strategy. It's northstar financial and retirement planning before you apply for Social Security benefits. Sure spot I think can help you craft your retirement income strategy they incorporate Social Security optimization. If you're complimentary Social Security report today from northstar financial and retirement plan. 800 I want paid 0920. Or visit north starts its live dot com. Are you looking for answers to important retirement pensions like in my financially ready to retire and let Allen my Allen says the complimentary retirement review of congress are financial and retirement planning today. 1805180190. Or visit our stars yeah I don't. That's an advisory services officer. SEC registered investment advisor northstar financial and retirement window seat and Brookstone capital management arson. From one another. We'll be okay. I want him on the radio but it was a bigger hit on TV thank you for being a friend the theme of the golden girls here and how boring it you're retired. Was George fox think of north star's financial and retirement planning and Ryan now again these guys are online any time. At north star 65 dot com you know that was 186. Come this new retirement. Funny and something that's really popular in reruns still today. And animal kingdom the whole idea is to teach all spring to fend for themselves. The only ones who think they're duty to care for children their entire lives. You know roads sometimes you really save some wise things. We're also the only species to use card holders that look like I'm on McConnell we climate. And I texting on my favorite sitcoms of all time he got a lot of pressure so Smart yet some glasses that I think you're in the south but. Because and George Ryan was there right from the Huffington Post that use an episode featuring Betty white's character rose. Street some lessons we can all learn about retirement. Think about then she just mentioned there that you know we cannot let our kids kind of figured out on their own. Sometimes. There's a out. Fantastic article was best for the week's Wall Street Journal and it really goes into details. My wife I rented out for laughing out loud and I ended it was more my wife Meredith and she was laughing out loud so it's like a copy gets called Souter you've been with the premise was this the inability with kids today when we come out of college. To make decisions because parents have been making these decisions for them pro Israeli troops in vicinity humorous fashion. Yet the challenges for somebody coming you can do what we do is parroting it sometimes and I love we're trying to protect them. And it shifted I remember with me growing up I was working I was fourteen go figure out. But my own car saved up but the car things like that she's basic skills are through with skills the right word but. This responsibility you have a little bit different they shifted a little that can be problematic. As it's gross and down the road with the children. Being able to make decisions and helping them we are currently working with a number of originally they were all his clients were in the 50s60s. And our deal with their children so they're starting to get it and making her decision so there's there's summit. And as a broad stroke on the and it lets your people today. They're fine. Yet they still need some help from the Paris and then they learned taken ownership so we have some challenges out there going. That's the thing there are challenges I think about my neighbor. Her son just graduated high Sony's not really sure about college. She did the best thing ever she is like grateful I don't guy who's hiring and he's don't matter used to go have and it. We are out in the cul-de-sac the last lining its home from his first day of work and like I can do this hate it and she said why is to not too hard and he said yes. It's sweating to death and illness field. There and then since yes yes Belichick again. Have to tell learn it on your own hands and what can go along the. In our son is in the Marine Corps is seven Middle East right now by the way it's birthday it was something couple days ago Powell and yeah so he can listen you can go online tour website and listen to the show what she does so happy birthday Jack from a mom and dad my whole family and friends so sorry yes folks it just had to get that in there or we miss them and we love and but yet he's doing his thing right and he's learned a tremendous value folks out there with children out of corn in the military it's amazing what they do when they go in a wanna come out there to just completely different and while like you say. Right you know little something about them I know little. As do you have former the former navy that's right and you know I've. I think one reason why George and I get along so well is is I had some of that telephone grown up myself me and I was out working hours cutting grass by fourteen and and my parents said our job is to put a roof over your head. Give me food and take care in those respects you wanna have money to go out and do silly things than you go get a job. This is people now I hate people who make excuses that just drives me nuts and the glimmers. You don't we need to learn to take ownership moral lives and now live with the decisions we make that they learn and grow in half when people start pointing fingers and blaming other people or core values is it gets us don't. You get a life that it's our money it's our lives we determine which direction we're going to be going by making our decisions. Usually the toughest decisions so that best decisions. Now and it does carry over to planning to go back to saving today. For expenditures for tomorrow very hard to do yes we even if Adolf says people in the in their forties and fix it. Right turnovers and a optimizing when you rebuilding plans type back to what we do a lot of cases you don't have to just cut back because. Through optimizing saving money here maps anymore prepare taken advantage of the tax laws that are on their folks. It comes down to my save 20% Bianca back to lifestyle 20% we've been able to accomplish that I'd say George you're. You pretty angry and finding money okay. Don't understand what that means like now and like we did the beat people up a little metal detector now. And I'm not quite not quite as radar definitely goes off and there are so many ways that people. Lose money that they don't realize just little things and they all start up there are pretty quick that happened through taxes poised to do we have pretty fired up. When it comes down to taxes we love saving. Money for our clients especially with taxes and the will Rogers said this years ago because. Paying taxes is okay because I love my country but I beat love my country just as much I paid half. On taxes of Atlanta. We want to be able to help people out can do Social Security ties over the air whom Ryan is or Social Security guru. I usually that Medicare. So free ways to optimize the Social Security planning for people at a pre retirement if you're in retirement here on Medicare. A lot of times Ryan is capable of going after again being independent knowing how the game is played being able to save hundreds of dollars per year. For clients just by. Understanding how Medicare works from the new plans that are out there are so. They really doesn't hurt come and learn how to save money. You know hi it's interesting you bring that happened and one thing I was gonna mention is that I saw that it will actually this year are the anniversary a fifty years is something we're celebrating. That specifically their president Lyndon Johnson signed into law the social security act and an established things like Medicare Medicaid and you know the Social Security system as it is kind of really getting that going and Social Security is something that's a huge part of retirement planning I wanna talk about that. But I was talking to us and then the other day and in Ryan since you focus a lot on Medicare and Social Security in and helping the clients at north star financial retirement planning with bad. On it and he was saying that actually Medicare doesn't help a lot with dental. And the I was surprise to bad the you have to you know really kind of allow for that cost in addition to everything else and retirement. And that that is very true now there are some companies out there that might offer a discount plan. I and then they're just discount plans and other toys for insurance that you can't purchase we always warn people if you're looking at eight dental plan passed age 65. You really need to look at the overall costs and their way your co pays are due rentals and such. We have them available we could offer them but when you look at just the cost of the premium your deductible up front. And then you're you're amount of time you have to wait before those major restorative and repair of procedures are actually covered it really search be questioned us whether or not and I got to value there. And that's the thing is he really going to be in tune with things like that he might be like me listening and not really aware of those things that kind of more about Social Security in general because that George was talking about how that's something that. You know you really focus on and northstar financial and retirement planning your kind of our. Social Security guru I guess. You'll hit one of my favorite topics and we have a lot of moisture coming in. NN parties. Okay. He's Italian easy. It's like to talk anybody else is clear favorite topics because it's made such a difference for the people you work with I was joking but I know how big of a different system make for people. It has and. We do what we call or Social Security optimization report and everything that we do. George is structured so it's a learning moment though when we go we're Social Security optimization report we're gonna take your numbers are for your actual earnings statement. We employment as some some very amazing calculator says take a lot of new account. And we're gonna look at inflation numbers that you feel comfortable with I'll play what the averages are today and we're gonna see. Why you can get from Social Security doing what you think you wanna do doing other formats are fifty years the programs been around now the program has changed a lot then and most people don't realize that because you don't circling intentioned Social Security. Until you think you're going to be getting on it soon. Ray now. Folks you can get on as early as age sixty to our website is northstar 65 dot com because that was the retirement age Social Security. That's the year they take on Medicare and I tried so. We've been around a little while now for most people say sixty sixes and 66 and two months three months and oil at 67 based on your age. But what we do is really educate its part mercy PR if you come in for that but really going over. How you can get the most for do you in your lifestyle. And and George will help make sure it's not always just wait till it's seven and there are a lot of different strategies out there that you can get social care being as amounting to some later and you really maximizing after survivor benefits for your spouse. And I think your results. It to build off of that two what Ryan saying people come in and they said boy done my homework and they are sure that they have the right plan picked out they've done the power of the global. Going on there and calculator center here in the air very rarely are they on the money for optimizing their planned this all I didn't know that I thought it was a list. So this fall we do professionally. Again just recognizing that Social Security is a cornerstone for retirement plan. Is if they advise your work with does not talk about that does not aware of it because challenge to say is this what they do or they can they do retiree true retirement planning. Or they just didn't give us your money and don't worry about it you've got to build a sand and optimizing and he would just last week. It was age and is 86000 dollar difference between what the client hello my time a lot of money that's their money coming back well. And just by by taking ethic to about twenty minutes trying to really uncover. The plan. What they thought they were going to do entrant to optimize it enemy tends to twenty minutes and a difference of eighty plus thousand dollars in their lifetime that's what's lot of money and that's a little time. And it and it was the caustic it took them they'd come down you're the office. Sit down trust that we're gonna say over and do we say we're gonna do it and sit down and share with them just listen we'd like the opportunity to work with you folks obviously. One threes were doing the show is not just educate your name out there. Yet all great journeys start with the first step just coming in listening to say listen I have to write for each other that's great but the very least. The very least if you wanna start looking national security. You can come in here. Without having to worry about any pressure. Any any it is shifting bull takes the time and do what we said we're gonna do. And we had some clients come in just last week had been clients of ours for about a year and a half maybe two years now. And in that timeframe the wife is already retired she's done in. They're trying to remember we went over Social Security Wear them when they first came as a matter fact we met them through whatever Social Security presentations that we did and it was very funny because they've been talking to their friends have been trainer remembered. Our clients are wonderful but we let them know we we put together some information explain purposes for recommendations that they have and she came back inches you know I wrote it all down. But I can't find when I wrote down and we told mind going back over what I was we've got great notes we know we talked about and and really just we're here for the long haul folks and if you kind of forget the reasoning for some thing or what was said we we've got the notes on that side. There's you know. This is just the thing is when it comes to something as complicated as retirement you really need a team helping you that's focused on all those different issues and also gonna keep up with all the changes and you know keep the notes that's important as well and that's what George Ryan and the team at north star financial and retirement planning would like to do for you in fact because you're listening this morning. If you call within the next fifteen minutes we've been talking about Social Security. Don't form a complimentary Social Security optimization report for you you never know how big of a difference that can make in your Social Security income over your lifetime we just heard that story and an 80000 dollar difference you never know that might be your story it could be less it could be more in all comes down to your personal situation but you have to pick up the phone. And scheduled I complimentary Social Security optimization report now. 805. Point 80920. That's 805180920. Check himself as more stark 65 dot com coming up we're talking more about you in Norway time. I'm just turns sixty here on stop or you retired. Norris recently turned 75 years old and to this day and I think the only thing that sex is afraid and is. I'm living his money. Unfortunately that's a fear of many Americans just how will you make your money last for life. Did George saw a thing of northstar financial and retirement planning to call today and 80518. 0920. Georgia's team will help you get the most from Social Security. As well as help you develop a strategy for a steady retirement income. George will help create a plan based on your unique objective. All northstar financial and retirement planning for your complimentary retirement review. 805180190. Or visit north star 65 dot com. Now's a great time to sit down with George to review your retirement go. Call northstar financial and retirement planning and 805180190. If Chuck Norris cancer is the phone. Very very politely. We'll ask to speak to George. Because of Uncle Sam it's vitally important city is tax Smart it's possible and meantime. Now would be a great time to plug George phone thing that's nonsense financial and retirement planning to Argentina can save tax efficient ways to help generate income for life and answer any important retirement questions like who. And my thing is really ready to retire at the end laying out in my ass and this did not include financial drama especially from Uncle Sam owners are financial and retirement planning today at 180518. 0920. Or visit Norris is 65 time. I think if you going today don't stop pouring if you're. Retired with George Foss thing and Ryan mile again. Northstar financial and a retirement planning you check this out at north star 65 dot com you know one years ago. Chris is first moving. Of course and purple rain oh nothing in the US and French so let's go about him as you know he's one of those timeless art is too but. Obviously he has no plans for retirement he's really on a tour. And has just announced plans for a new album. One years ago that movie came out and now prince has a new album cuts about somebody that just can keep. Having that longevity in their career prince can do it. Mr. Bush wants strange kinda. Strange burn out give you that have been the most creative people sometimes are it is this is true. Yeah greatest resource is to our show is as sandstone fall day he's the chief equity strategist at S&P capitalized view it. His job to be a historian on the market and we Sam recently what his advice for someone you know preparing for retirement right now. Well I think what they have to do they have to work of advisor to really put into the equation. What is my goal what is my timeframe what is my risk tolerance in a sense. Think overseas stock market if you will as an amusement park you have to decide whether you prefer being on the merry go round or the roller coaster and always keep your eye on the overall goals. George who wants to continue to grow their money but they know like that roller coaster Sam's talking about what options to. Great questions you braces table and great that's if that's great ridgeline up until I'm feeling that so what he brings up is they have some really valid points and again I said earlier on the program eat you start with the end in mind where you wanna be NEC yourself. And then you've got to back into that say a word of the tools available. If I'm currently working with somebody. The tools are there recommending is that in line with my beliefs my values. I find that's in many cases that that doesn't really work out people are taking too much risk they're comfortable with they went through 2008. They feel it's gonna happen again and we'll run a report. The third party report on the portfolio and say listen if this was to occur again of 2000 was to occur again here portfolio would be curved. Hale 45 to 50% draw down which we lost. Is that in line with quicker trying to accomplish peace with it just go blank but I said no and we'll. That's just the way things are lined up so the reason being. 90% of folks are industry recommend stocks to bonds or other tools available for protection with growth. We take the time to introduce this and again on an educator at heart Christen. I hear that consistently it's my belief taking the time to look at some of these tools that are out there. People might be familiar with these linked to products which keep you. Some of the upside gains of different indices S and S&P 500 different different index is out there where you get some of the upside gains without the downside risk your principal is protected. Yet it is basically a CD alternative which CDs you know certificates of disappointment 31% the bank and there are wonderful tools out there are currently were we getting a lot of feedback from people ought to look into these products that are basically give you no guarantee of 1% per year up to possibly twelve or 13% a year without the dynamics of risk. And that was how we know about these tools and the first thing people says sounds too good to be true. Yet it it's just dialing that back and say listen let's take the time and serve the beginning and say you have these tools may may. The keywords may play a part your retirement plan. Yet folks if you're open minded. Those are the type of people we work with you got to be open minded for fresh ideas you can't be using. A hammer. An email to build your house you've got to be able to understand there's and other tools. Health care take the time to learn how to use them. I appreciate them and Micah Wright might not be as the sole said. Merry go rounds or the roller coaster there there is schism between rights that you can utilized. And walking people through that amusement park and think how about this is that what you're trying to. That yet that's I'm OK with that that's that's good let's take the time. And learn about them showing the pros and the cons and people want county side you know about this. As it's been around for thirty years is some of these products and inner Richard is either because their current advisor was not like to offer them through the company there with. And it stayed they're pulled to sell certain product that's all we can't. Can't say you're kind of pigeonholed. Insurance people. Just sell insurance products stockbrokers. Sell stocks and bonds and the pennant folks like myself for a license and both sides securities as wells insurance. Really doesn't matter. No we're not going to be this is all we have such a broad stroke perspective. Being able to do critical analysis for people to listen what's important to you. Where you wanna be. And matching them up with a cracked pools. And George not only independent but you're also there we talked about the slot with a color retirement income certified professional. It's it's a great designation that's out there and it's it's for those individuals that truly focus on. Retirement. And George is working to help you build for retirement help you have income you can depend on and making sure that you understand all the different aspects of retirement by income about taxes. And a one way that George tells brings that told our listeners out there will be folks ferry talked about the CPR earlier. And we've got all the time left in the shows if you like to take take part in our complete planning review will be color CPR. George will help go over he'll take a look at least thirty part third party analysis look at what you currently have and help you build out plan for retirement he's gonna melt make sure you had a liquidity for emergencies. We're gonna take a look at your income Social Security. What what type income do you need for your lifestyle how much of that you want to be completely safe and guaranteed. How much you care with a little bit of fluctuation based off the market growth. You need to make sure your cover for inflation. If you wanna leave a legacy behind freer Ayers served. Her for anything out there you know you've got your college or your church. In the Nielsen take a look at growth. But it isn't that order and George will help you build the planes take care of all of those different aspects your retirement. Insisted to build off that you Ryan we hats folks commend this past week husband wife and their current advisor is her son. Ohio Banc and which any good do bullion safe he can't run her for us. That joy at doing an okay job but their comments were George he doesn't do you do. And and he said this is where we are over first seven years of age and he does this well but these other tools and acetone breath here to take away from clearing the sun has been able to do or to build off of it to address things that we do best and so now working together. With the sun. The goal signature of the parents right is there money though. We're not here to take away all the business from the son he's doing a good job with some of the growth side but also there's that the pension there's some safe money alternatives that he does not have tolls or have access to. So we're working in conjunction my my point here too was that the couple as little hesitant took him awhile before the central command and listened. And isolated wanna take away if one of our son's been doing it right you know what it's about us is our money and that's our retirement. And they were refresh to but summer concert that was really nice that you were trying to steal business away appears to this is why we're here to help you with your retirement. And to bring our expertise to the table. Here's why see that and we're able worked together so it's not all or nothing at him with relationships. I you know and yeah sometimes you in on different people for different things that make a lot of sense and exactly and and you're open to that and but the thing is as did you guys at north star financial retirement planning just going to be available as a resource to help people with these options. Sorcerer's 65 dot com you can log on now on find out more or like Ryan mentioned the incomplete planning review that's available complimentary if you call between now. And the end of the show and we're about to wrap appeared a few minutes so good getting called George Ryan they'll take your call off the air and sent a thank complete planning review for you complimentary. 805. Point 809. Net to zero and 805180920. And you know George we've had so many people call Lynn in the might call infer wanna Patrick Kelly's books or Social Security broke Social Security optimization report. And if I can't get the call during the show or of got to wait till after the show and I called back in a folks feel listening sometimes in my view the following business day at a hearing back I apologize just be a lot of calls pollen and both. Have people call and they might want one specific item from the show. And by the time I do give back in touch them we have so many of the just say you know. I only one of the book but. Can do you have time this week or next week may go ahead and come and sit down and George so. We are we're very easy to work with we've we've got time slot set available for a listeners. Then the CPR program. It's been sixteen years in the making like George said he's been doing this for sixteen years and it's constantly evolving we have new tools. And it's just something that we really love to do you have to sit down and help people make that plan and did you see that happiness as a starts coming to fruition it's it's it's a really. Really Iran until that happens it happens true. If. And that's the thing is that you know George Ryan the team at north star financial retirement planning they love what they do and yes same happiness and may sound you know I'm OK yeah right now these guys. That's what they're about they wanna see you let you know the really feel that way to lifted often you end retirement and then be looking forward to a happy about it. Are already retired and you just want to read check of what's going on. Call for and I think complimentary complete planning review 8051809. At 20 Maher always at north star 65 dot com. I'm Christian trials on behalf of Ryan Molly didn't George fossil the entire team at north star financial and retirement planning makes you so much for making stops pouring your retired apart. And Jorge de. This is primal and thank you so much for us when. You're awesome. The opinions expressed by George Foster Northrop financial and gets on his record Joseph Cordero energy. The end of the radio station all statements and opinions expressed are based upon information considered reliable mother would you not be relied upon as doctor. David turbines are subject to change without notice it's involve risk and a month for the way it did not guaranteed. They used as an indicator. Future results or strategies mentioned may not be suitable for everyone's information the president take into account your specific situation and objectives and his. Intended as recommendations appropriate for you. It's a with a qualified technically your investment advisor to determine its suitable for your specific situation this program is designed to provide accurate and authoritative. Artist undercover got affiliated with the war endorsed by the Social Security Administration or any other government agency.