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Jul 19, 2015|

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Welcome to stop worrying you'll retire with George busing of northstar financial and retirement planning people have to. Unexpected news and bad things happening I wanna make sure that does not typically. And northstar financial and retirement planning will help you accomplish your future financial goals. And we wish you every step of the way this can be taken off the table. Having to worry about your mind. You're never just an account number you have entrusted us with your life and retirement savings a responsibility. We take very seriously having the money. Is something we have fast doesn't change your values at all and when we get to retirement the second part of your life should be a situation. And now stop worrying you're retired radio. Laying. And may get. Much for joining us today. Of course some warning Europe tired with George Fawcett and Ryan knowledgeable of northstar financial and retirement plan. My name is Christian trolls here each week alongside these guys talking about things happening up. Around the globe around the world around the Carolinas and ultimately how they could affect your now at stake when it comes to retirement and today show. We're talk how there's actually a new version of the American dream. And we'll tell you three unforeseen circumstances they can crush your retirement and hopefully give you a heads up so that that is not your retirement reality find out more about the team right now at north star 65 dot com now George you guys have offices in Greeneville Asheville Henderson hill whatever's closest for someone listening today to help them match but. I love about working with you guys is you're always kind of continuing to learn and grow. With what's happening with retirement in fact just a little while after the show you're going to be heading to the airport and heading to Chicago took all of that. Yes that's right lots of training to the three day training class Chicago on the security side. Always variant. Just motivating and lightning and I just good to be around good people. And it's also good you know just continue to stay in tune with what's going on and then I think it's good to point out to the northstar financial retirement planning is is in time marketing group I mean you guys are close. It's not helping people thinking I'm nearing retirement and his retirement and sometimes folks don't even use the stock market didn't do that at all what do you guys do. That's a good point and sub being blessed having licenses pulled from the insurance is false securities site gives us ability to I have to pigeonhole folks into specific. Product yet seek out all the solutions such a great way to just be able sit there of people Kristen content. And just. Open up the world the universe of fob products and solutions around there it's and they independent. Just as. To a more glamour to the hole. I tried to understand that I'm not held captive to any other proprietary products or for tolls for quotas and it just makes everything that is so much more enjoyable. Yeah it's it's really it informing someone about all their options so that then they can really make the best decisions about. Their retirement and for you listening if you got any questions about anything George Ryan talk about today maybe it's about your overall retirement or Social Security or even things like required minimum distribution. They're a phone call away we'll take your call off the air and central put a complimentary retirement review. 80548209820. George Ryan we actually hear that annuities are better suited for those nearing or in retirement. But according to a survey just out from the indexed annuity leadership council deals than those in their 20s30s. Actually wand please do you think this is a good option for that generation. Well plus basic you can't. Categorize everybody into one product are. A solution but yes it is. And let's just take a step back. The pensions are gone away their moms and dads who have pensions. They're not being offered anymore so they're kind of seeing the light. You work a couple of years you start getting answers to you know I'm accumulating wealth. But the people seem to be happy so the ones that have that paycheck coming in retirement the pensioners and they realized. The world the way the corporate world works now he did so less and less likely to happen so they're trading around asserted this is like a one thing about the loyal is a very open minded. All right and we find that a lot they're they have these either power of of global. At their hands and all the other resources and facilities are doing their homework so it's which is my world and Ryan's fault as well we're we like to educate so it takes people stamps is to listen you can you know line you can see the bias is the police people everybody adds up and their own beliefs and opinions so we can kind of give them some guidance towards what can look forward and say what's the agenda end up to certain. Working with them it's not so much introducing them to. And annuity or penchant showing them they can they get that already. It's just showing us what to look for how to maximize and optimize if you're going to start. Putting money aside for future paycheck. What to look for fees contract stipulations and integrity of the company make sure they can be your camera in hand it's very much appreciated. So we start giving them some guidance and tools is endless and where the coach for the punish countries that can help you. And Simpson very much appreciate don't want to be told what to do right from people like to be Guidant and enlightened. And Ryan sometimes it here on the show in the office for their clients you guys do what you call an annuity X train to its walls involved and he had went with into the X ray what we're looking at is we have a lot of folks out there that come in they. They have an annuity they view that either had it for years or maybe you're thinking about getting lines of those spend and showed the men in their third trying to show whether or not it's from a good fit well. We'll sit down and you will go over the contract overstatement of understanding for it going get on the phone with the actual insurance company. Find out what that annuity actually is any peace involve potential for growth. The good the bad every part of it and I won't we'll take a really in depth look at and see whether or not this is a good fit. He Weasley find out too that these they don't always know what they have them and when we start doing neo peeling back the onion. People say I didn't know I thought it was only paying one and quarter percent if he's from so what's the I would advise your faith then you start going after the administrative fees yeah. I'm mortality expense feces writer feels all sudden they're looking at a fourth 5% fee Christen. And you apply that to 200000 dollars you look if you don't eight to 101000 dollars your feeds my simply ask us what are you putting getting for that money. And if they can answer that might be there might be okay usually they don't. Have a first healthily caught of course the guerrillas are paying that much in fees and it's your money folks. The reason Merrill knew these are so. Much sold out there that no one type of annuity. That's sold out there it's because. More cases than not. It's not necessarily the most effervescent product out there is usually the most profitable. For the financial institution that's offering them as well is sometimes you find yourself buyer beware they're not all bad and my Erica proved true. The very real and really seen but usually you can accomplish. What you're trying to accomplish your goals for a lot less money that we bring to the table you're not brother has 200000 dollars in your pocket. Per year or would rather give that to the insurance companies I'd rather have enough. That's a rhetorical by the way that's. Well but the thing is is when you talk about annuities you know sometimes folks can't seem. Overwhelms my conversation because there are so many out there a plan that through working with you guys and an annuity X ray for you listening to be very valuable to you in fact if you call the Georgian. Brian and the team at north star financial and retirement planning within the next fifteen minutes. And you happen annuity and would like a complimentary annuity X ray don't do them for you here's the number. 805180920. They'll take your call off the air instead fed up for you complimentary that's 8058. 0920. More details any time north star 65 dot com. World is focused on the debt crisis in Greece and economic drama is playing out in China that could have a far greater impact on the global economy China's stock market has been falling rapidly since it's highs in mid June. And Stanley is ancient share men Stephen Roach commented about that recently on CNBC. In the worst performing major stock market in the world for six years until last November and the market just took off like Iraq could chip in made out. For a lost ground and in about nine months and wildfires and 50% over that period which is a an enormous speculative frenzy and then now so the bubbles bursting. George shouldn't be called out really protecting your clients from events that are totally out of our control what it's like that's something and at thousands of miles away. The same thing different country. That's a bubble half what do you say. People get they get caught in the frenzy in the froth. And I was reading about that as well as the amount of trades that people are doing in China is tenfold on what we do here. A lot of these small time and some folks around their first time in the stock market or just taking payoffs. And he's got me ask yourself it's it's a form of gambling the Kansas total speculation Christopher. And Europe against this. BMS if you well the Chinese Government trying to throw money at it and try to just make an upright and you guys differentiate the difference between. And the stock market and an economic climate. There's two different birds the stock market is purely emotional. People are betting it's gonna go up and guess what simulator as Joan just said that bubble burst in purse part 35% down swing. And I less than a little over a month that is significant. And then there's there's no safe place and that that's that's total systemic and folks who don't know a systemic means it means everything is affected once. Same thing happen in 20012008. There's not a safe place environment I thought like that so you do need to look at alternatives and that's what we recommend if folks tell us you can't afford to get hurt. At this point you like people you folks are listening out there your path three to five years weighed for retirement or even sooner. You need to be aware that that horizon is shifting if if we have the bubble like that could be catastrophic have to defer you're you're planned retirement by a couple of years maybe. Three or four even. I think he's playing against that you can you can take steps today to make sure that you retire on time protect what you have give yourself good crutch don't give credence. That's what I just don't get greedy at this time in your life it's when you can get really hurt. And George so. When your clients think when you're looking for a safety and the we have we have folks that come in every day in this. I've been in the game I've been playing the game and wanna get out of the game or be on the sideline and watch wheel unless of course anyway yesterday quite often. And that's the thing though as it is you don't wanna be and that type of game ending this is again it's retirement something that as a period of your life because lasted 2030 maybe even forty years just north star 65 dot com if you have any questions and or Cole you know is set up a compliment your retirement review and you still have a few minutes leftist take advantage of that complimentary annuity X ray. 805180920. Thanks very things that could crush of your whole retirement we'll talk about some necks and hopefully. Do you put them here nonstop pouring your retire with George Foster of northstar financial and retirement plan. Northstar financial and retirement planning can help you get the most for the social security and help develop a strategy porous getting retirement income based on your unique objectives. Every retirement review 805180920. Or visit north star 65. Dot com. Yeah. So many. I first turn back in 1992. From the Barenaked Ladies and and a million dollars. Thank you so much for joining us for stop worrying your retired with George tossing and right elegant homes are financial and retirement planning through here yeah. A large sums of money home just listening today some folks may have a million dollars in assets. They not it just kind of depends on many what kind of job you had an in more how you saved but recently on CBS this morning do you king revealed the 2015 Forbes celebrity talk. On this cover near earnings going back to last June and number five. Howard Stern went 95 million big ones one direction comes in fourth at 130 million. Katy Perry is a financial firework at 135. Valeant. Manny Pacquiao was part of the 12 punch from boxers earning 160 million but Floyd Mayweather. Tops and again coming in first with 300 million dollars. Guys and those folks earn more money in one year and the most on its head making our entire lives but. We also heard about celebrities who've lost almost everything very quickly as well as. Down with someone that well but lost are almost lost their nest egg due to bad plan B. Out that's unfortunate side of it it's sometimes we feel like through the calvary they came too late people's made some. As they say it first that's when you meet people like that and their candid enough. And down to earth to be able to talk to me and said listen I'm from its mistakes and that's very humbling. And I have a lot of respect for people let they can sit and talk about what they don't want him most of us like talk about half which we cherry pick about a successor. It's just like get here on FaceBook you know you can see the good headlines not that bad headline. Exactly so lies you've you've really got to be careful out there christened with with making these decisions why and it's. It happens too often it's it's been. Bring forces spent several years people working with bad financial advisors or for cricket. Folks out there just sensitive to be true usually is and try talking to a professional who's giving you both sides of the solution saying this is. What's. Here's the pros and here's the if you wanna call connoisseur yourself then you contract details need to be aware of that would keep got a trouble I have run into this. We might have been right next V watching this happen people of comment here. Want you all they want every I've got to have. A 12% growth we've got to have safety had a liquidity. And extensions you can usually at two and three you can't have three out of three I should just overworked Fella I needed and some guy promised to me I would go with them. Good luck. We've had cases over the we've had one not too long or rye needs gentleman came back in here he has been a year later you he said de. I'm here humbly saying I was you know Nationalists and she in the first place that was not my intent was. Look at me I'm I was right I didn't what side at all but he got burned he went around shall we found somebody was gonna tell him what he wanted to hear folks at three run into trouble and stop right there that three run into trouble if you're looking if there's somebody swing a product or solution and to San all the all the pros you're getting half the story. This person's not being forthcoming and that's where I see the problems you you get sold. Yes you can't control we don't know who wants to be sold and that's kind of in America radio are always having our guard up because we're free event. Exactly and that's where people. It's for things become big band names we wanna do this you don't want to that it's not so much maybe the product is that was folded over promise and under delivered. And it disappoints and yen up with a bad taste your mouth and we and it becomes very so people start. They had one day experience and they're they're afraid of talking to other people again and saying listen I'm a burned once shame on you no shame on you. For me twice shame on me we get it you should learn that lesson now that's applies to my whole point is people sit down for us weren't in the in the office. At the table so listen time to go to class folks here's how works gonna take the time if you can't describe what you're doing to your friend or neighbor. Where I'm gonna do this. You've got to understand. Why we're taking these actions steps here's approach your subconscious we're developing our relationship with our clients Kristen. For the long term we don't want disappointment down the road. Gap where you know I you promises and it didn't happen during the sixteen years. And the clients command hair and blue and we sit down here said listen might be disappointed with some returns we get denied every year's going to be up its trip to the circus yet. We're gonna do we say we're gonna do it and people don't understand that while I understood that say hey we've had four great years this year wasn't so good but I understand that. And so many of our clients that they almost wanna stop the education process and just do it and Giorgio Leno men in the reason for that is because education is so important. If you don't know you have. You shouldn't move forward and in our clients really are planners and the ones they come in here. They know we've had people come and say no I don't burn want to learn from it I wanna make sure I understand what's what I have. George has a wonderful job educating really going over different. Recommendations that he might have whether it's investments insurance annuities. Really making sure that people know what they're looking at know what their options are and it's never this is the best thing for you just take it it's here are some options. Here the top three base off of George free search based off of us going out really shopping the products shopping. Whatever type recommendation. Might the situation might call for confining. The best feud that George fields are are available at time. They're probably change frequently and we would we've gone up against. Quite a few other other advisors who recommended. Well I recommend this product and it might be one of those in the mix. But the other visor might not explained all of the ups and all of that downs and so it is really making sure their clients understand both sides of of every recommendation that's available out there. And up a I had a we had a wonderful call for working west and I had a phone calls a little disappointing. Our earlier in the week percent does George we're just not ready to do something by three or four years away Ericsson shipped typical time pick up the phone calling me lending unit that no she she goes. George just wanna say. Thank you for taking time educating me so I hope you don't take Oprah I want to do this I'm just not ready right now and where she was impossible it's okay. If you really innocent yeah. It's it's fine. And I think this long as issue is always stay in touch warn it then why I want to do business with him just not ready where I am took to move. Make that transition. I think that's why she is you've just been wonderful educator and a Crist and that's that's smashed my years. No I know that something you take a lot of pride in is I live being able to inform folks about those options and and George Ryan something else that you guys do in the office in and hear on the radio is. What we call CPR is the complete planning review right. More about that and how you can make that available complimentary because I know you allow certain times throughout the week. To have some appointments and that. I guess she can say that RC PR process is going to school. You come into the class. Room we're gonna put up some videos are gonna do a PowerPoint for your organ that we're gonna use the white board and really kind of go over a planned for for you as a client and our CPR oh we do is we'll take a look at your current holdings when you have to do third party review. Find out what you actually have any fees involved. Sometimes if you have an annuity we talked about the unity X ray rule go ahead and do that femininity X ray here in the same process. We're gonna discuss what your goals are which you're dream of a retirement this. And what your time frames are and we're really gonna try to figure out what is going to be the best way to. To get where you want a big Louise great software program that that looked awful forecasting and your retirement we'll take a look at Social Security which is of primary basis for so many of our clients that come in here they don't really understand what you can do a Social Security we're gonna go over the options. On how you can file and and actually get the most out of it for your particular situation we call that Social Security optimization and then we're gonna give your forecast we're gonna look you know we're in utilized some today's numbers that's what we have in front of us but I wanna make sure we've got the best numbers Conan is garbage in garbage out and we're gonna do a full forecast for and we're gonna take a look can create a plan it. I like to take advantage of that complete planning review and ending complimentary. Get a call within the next fifteen minutes the George Ryan was set aside some time. To do that for you if you call within the next fifteen minutes held at a complimentary 80518. 0920. Cents 8054809220. The full recently talked about three gun for seeing circumstances that can crush our retirement one was having to retire before you expected. Two was dealing with a badly timed stock market drop in three not having the income you'd expect to get from your investments. Georgia what do you think you've had clients over the years you've faced all of these at one time or another and so I sure performed. A short first one is quite ordinary as a matter fact be a lot of people saying they make too much money trying to retire you gonna buy out maybe 34 years prior to what you were hoping for. I wanna hang in general the longer it. It takes to it gets do you get very creative to be able to carry over that pay slump if you well. To go after so listen how Paulson thinks change what we do make this thing work so it's a little bit of a scramble. But very attainable. Dealing with badly timed stock market drop a huge one. I had a dialogue several times over the this past week with folks I listen to your on the radar for retirement you've got some dates picked out. And you're gonna to hand it currently the way your your portfolio setup you're gonna depend on the stock market being up at the right time when you retire and isn't he writes. What happens if it's down what happens we have the 2008 need to go into that account I will show it to you in real math. Real time had acted. Catastrophically effect. Your retirement. Down the road it's something you can avoid folks if you're having that dialogue what was your current advisory if you don't know him talk about I urge you to have that conversation with somebody that. They know George we we just had a great meeting this past week with the a wonderful couple. It always we say all the time work with folks of so many different ages 7679. I believe gas and the seller so sharp I think he really was he used his wonderful is retired colonel of air force and we're talking we're talking about sequence or turns you when you're trying to pull from from those accounts that are in the market when the markets down. And he turned and Gillick and his wife and it was just it was awesome news. Tony let me explain to about percentages hack because the point 3% down. It is not the same thing as a 50% up. There are totally different when you go down 50%. You are now I happen you're gonna have to double 100 saying game to get back to where you work for us guys teaching for a. Fair value of unemployment sharp catch you Laurent. There's command. It's in those kinds of things that you know you're gonna get in the sit down conversation for retirement review if George Ryan and the team at north star financial and retirement planning you still supplements last if you like they're calling take advantage of that complimentary completes landing review from northstar financial retirement planning they'll take your call off the air and says that up for you. 8051809. At 20 cents or 805180920. And were always and north star 65 dot com. Chris and also it's fun and in real quick we have a few spots available blues you've been listening week to week. A few weeks ago we had a Joan and on drums they got a financial he's. He's one of the directors for one of the separately managed accounts George works with portfolio managers folks that. That burst through algorithms that work with touch or investments and and try to find ways to avoid those major downside losses. And now we we have one of these directors going to be coming into town on July 30 for a luncheon and now we have a few spots available it's very tight this is mostly for clients. But pure interest in learning a little bit more about protecting yourself from major stock market losses than I've gotten to the skull we have just a few spots. Finishing strategy to Christian and his non correlated to the market territory or 20% annualized returns past six years are currently at 13% very compelling. Then you fur I guess to listen and learn about some different strategies not be aware of some good point right for bringing up. If you like to find out more about that may be join us for that he can make a reservation just give us a call 800. Five point 809. Med Q 0805. Point eight. 09 ST zero. Next talk about how the American dream has changed. We'll tell you how much pain free YouTube. Next on stop worrying you retired with George boxing of course our financial and retirement planning boo who who. Yeah. The Uncle Sam it's vitally important to be his tax Smart as possible and meantime. Now would be a great time to plug towards all things of north south financial and retirement planning to Argentina can say tax efficient ways to help generate income for life and answer any important retirement questions like am I financially ready to retire at the end like outlived my ass and this did not include financial drama. Especially from Uncle Sam owners are financial and retirement planning today at 1805180190. Or visit your site 65 dot com. Investment advisory services sovereign there. OC SEC registered investment advisor northstar financial and retirement planning no feet and Brookstone capital management part suffered anything from one another. Joining us today sounds boring if you're tired with George boxing. Only in north star financial and retirement plan yes Ben is the scene just sesame street's. Texas back to childhood for many outlets and remind us about the kids and grandkids for others it's the Sahara on Sesame Street it's you're regular Sunday. Madonna announced that he's actually retiring after 45 years as Maria the shop owner however never heard. Georgia you know is she's and that it was small business owner on the show that's what she plays and and Europe that's small business owner to endorse our financial and retirement planning. What advice would you give to someone and then a small business owner themselves and looking to retire soon. On the tree Christmas is Maria and I and the keys of the shop or somebody else or in the closing the shop would think since her. Irony here somebody's gonna take it out crap I don't. And by goodness that does bring us back fierce yes eye opener than I wanted to sing along about it in my. Everyone listening. But worse with me helping. Well we have a heat and good number of us self employed folks out there are small business owners I am one I can talk the talk or cloth folks and self employed for fifteen years out. It'll look different standpoint with. We have our own set of challenges. Boy do it. Health care is very expensive paying out unemployment tax and there's so many the challenges. A small business owner has out there and one that seems to be on the back burner is saving for retirement and at some point stopping a worker a lot of us that are self employed I haven't a plan or maybe we can dial back worked part times supplement. The income if you use your hands in your body alive plumber electrician from these does heating and air commander underneath house is he's doing a lot that takes stress on your body your timeline might make a little bit different to getting out of the trade so. If you're gonna sell what is your plan. How is the setup. How are you going to. There you basically have the human capital which is you going to work every day and you stop doing it you're going to be unemployed for the rest your life how are you gonna get the bills paid. We have all I understand I empathize and I'll works it's not too early and it's not too late to start saving if you are self employed. We have every week. Several clients coming in your what do you do on self employed currently working this week with the Joan who's gonna. A plumbing business and doing here in the community for over thirty years inherited from his dad. His concern is it as they just said earlier his body is not if what used to be 120. You need to put a plan together. And that plan. Takes away. There's the fear. Knowing that if you put some steps in motion has some goals I will help him put the plan together. And say at such and such point you'll be able to stop and comfortably retire and not worry about paying the bills and to. When you go to work you've got now he now permission you know weighing it. And I know sometimes when you picked early in the business cycle. It truly trying to stay alive and just keep the bills paid. You're raising a family you get a lot of money going had to pay their mortgage. People start transition concerning leave college paid for. Just learn a trade. Then you got to start thinking about yourself quickly rapidly and focused and he gets selfish and that's my job just say listen stand take care yourself. Take care your needs and their coaches I'll show they had until it can be fun. And what you're not in the salon. And the thing is as phony a small business a lot of times Sanford many listening is a dream many have been in part of the American dream being enabled us to start and that business whenever there is an NCA through enhanced access when and if you do have to have to a retirement plan to go along with that fell. North star 65 dot com to find out more. But recent Wells Fargo Gallup poll and 96% of people cited a financially secure retirement as the person. I'm the American dream. And I think a higher than the percentage of folks who defined success is owning a home. George Ryan you guys find this true with the clients at north star. I guess slowly we get that all the time on the observations people our clients commend it to their various did the sit down say you know what. I was kind of looked at the personal we here at the school teacher of the civil service worker that I make you lobby you know what they're retired they're smiling. They're there having a grand old time. And I think this past. Couple weeks we've had a help of husband wife and here she just retired and in the Greenville school district. 25 years. And she's counting the days to retire she goes up it's what are you doing Nash is that I am gonna have phoned the green kids hey guess. It was his glowing she had enough of the kids. Parents kids and she's on take care my daughter's. And enjoy being grandma how much fun is that so there really is it comes down to people are happy. When their retirement security. It's bulletproof. And let you know put a lien on my job we assist several times a week are still out. If we worked together my job's not tell you what you wanna hear what you need to hear and sometimes it's difficult thing to do. We've got a couple of those difficult employment take time big talk from some difficult conversations some. Yeah necessary. As difficult as that is I would think that people actually appreciate that in a way and then and I still going to be right and listening to when you're telling them buzz you know let honesty you need when it comes to something this important teeth yet and don't get me wrong. It was not just to bring them down I was just show them my challenges out there and assistance and reversible. Which is gonna quit yesterday I sat down they a single woman says she's a polite very open minded she's there to learn and she is just the help torched him and I said listen I'm looking at the numbers up there Brian has no computer who worked together on the big screen TV. The numbers were hers. This is this number she gave me from Social Security your pension your savings such as she she needs to work two warriors and it's that simple yet. The benefit. We're showing her she's got longevity in her family would benefit assurance that listens to more years little over 700 days. And you'd you'll be a driver's seat for retirement it will make that much of a difference if you can hang in marriage that's thanks George I needed to hear that. She looked really really upset her at times and the lord the more she started looking at the numbers and realizing just that but overall difference and she can say you know. I'm taking care my mom right now we just had to put her nursing home. And her only income is. A small amounts of security because she took an early not a very small piece right pension plan on and that is that that is the only income she hasn't and she's fortunate. But she has a very nice pension. And she could start drawing on the at a certain time in in. She has worked really hard and she's gonna have and I Social Security but to make all those numbers work for longevity reasons just needed a little bit more time let. Everything got Zack who we created a with some of the money we created personal pension though also the personal pension by the way means that's a paycheck that you can't left until I went to sell security we recreate that for so string was not enough. We simply reposition some more money into another counts when she retires we can turn on any country in lifetime income. It's dependable it's there it's contractual and I said that we'll get everything taken care of the old. Your investments. Where where your bills are paid just taking care of your best to snout their jobs to grow. If it's cycle through the downs and ups and downs it's okay you're not gonna eat have to eat peanut butter jelly sandwiches for two years Chu as George. That's ID here that's what I I have to hashes I didn't know how to accomplish that. And that's this thing is is I don't think most people do and that's why we turn to someone who focuses on that every single day you know if you have a healthy she'd go see a doctor and especially you know if it's you something new your teeth you don't OC general practitioner you missed this is same thing when it comes to retirement and Georgia the team at north star financial retirement planning her focused on those have you nearing retirement are already retired and making sure that you're thinking about things like this. If you question is there a phone call away we'll take your call off the air and things up with a complimentary retirement review. 805180920. Now Patrick Kelly he's a friends of the show national bestselling author on the retirement. And he's book out called stress free retirement fund retirement nest in there's quite a few others as well but we asked him what he thinks is the number one thing they can damage our retirement. The number one thing I've seen that send people wrong. With their money is emotionally they're wired to do it backwards they tend to sell when the markets are crater in Bonn when the markets are probably a little inflated. They need somebody help them manage it properly and helped take their emotions out of it. Guys we did at an early talks about those strategies in his books but tell Kenny take the emotion out of it quote there's you have to learn about the tools that are available. It's. I have to reiterate I'm not Raymond James I'm not a Morgan Stanley and that ever Jones a man that guy down the street is saying give me your money don't worry about it. That I think he is. It's good for growth that's a good for retirement. Is to be different that people go and retirement get it you folks and eliciting your retirement you know I'm saying that's how we thought it would day. Little more complicated making your money last not going to work and having to make this money would go to work for you. Can be problematic if you don't have a have a coach. There's got to be value be behind what we bring to our clients obviously or they wouldn't need us comes out of this I read a lot studies. That's my job. And to separate this information take away the noise sit down people said this is what I believe and I believe in having stress in your retirement is a choice. You can either choose to do stress it or. Listen I've got a double my money had been a market nominal some of the sky I don't think that's necessary Patrick Kelly has a multiple books out. I like the man he's got a very clear message stress your retirement kind of correlates with. Stop worry retire which then my programs which I believe and so we're on the same page Patrick Kelly's got this book I've read it several times and came into my clients. It's got some great basis to up. Contrary in view of retirement. And Iran wanted to just let folks know about the book we have a. No absolutely we've got to we've got five of these copies set aside gray now for next five callers or one Colin. Stress free retirement by Patrick Kelly it's about protecting your life savings against losses. Helping create an income stream you can never I'll lift it's really building a basis for retirement that you can plan on. And we've got five mil won't give us call right now bumpy standing by we got a testimonial and that to religion when we gave the book too he sat down he read that afternoon he said it was awesome. Because George what an eye opener so folks you need to get this book that is getting a three it. I hate calling it about golf and but if you actually read and it's kind of pointless now I do believe though I believe you got to about three or four pages from then had to drop it and like the dead after. So luckily we recovered he was able to fund them it's scary how. There isn't great it's a gray area folks I do incursion to give us a call or in the book he and then it'll bring up some. This stuff play and I'll refer you folks like to learn. Imran real quick how many copies we have available. Probably got five great now are you one of the first five callers Wilson give them both by Patrick Kelly complimentary 8054809. At 20 that's 805. Foreign aid is 0920. Am are always at north star 65 dot com well when I retired baseball player in the making a big check and retirement won't say what that means for you when. The market a little bed check in with everything that's been happening. Don't stop flying your time. With George fox and. Norris recently turned 75 years old and to this day and I think the only thing that seconds afraid and is. A living his money. Unfortunately that's a fear of many Americans just how will you make your money last for life. Did George crossing of northstar financial and retirement planning to call today and 80518. 0920. Georgia's team will help you get the most from Social Security. As well as help you develop a strategy for a steady retirement income. George will help create a plan based on your unique objective. All northstar financial and retirement planning for your complimentary retirement review 805180190. Or visit north star 65 dot com. Now's a great time to sit down with George to review your retirement goal. All northstar financial and retirement planning an 80518. 0190. If Chuck Norris cancer is the phone very very politely ask Pete did you. On them. You. Anyway what. Thank you so much for joining us today first and worry you retired with George sponsor wants. Financial and retirement planning on. Why north star 65 dot com in the summer of 1954. Sun records released that illness that's all right gosh if things really haven't been that all right in Greece lately you know stock markets are around the world have been. Reacting to the debt crisis in Greece but the US analyst says investors really shouldn't panic or pull their money out of the market. Correspondent Jack Quinn tells us more. Calling this a speed bump financially analyst frank and tell us he would play in financial services says the world was braced for Greece to reject further austerity measures. And the global economy is in better shape. San Jose says investors should just ride it out. Question so are you guys gonna have a tempo always trying to. Going to the papal lots and if you do fight through it. He predicts a solution will be found to shore up the Greek economy and then the financial markets will iron themselves out. Take another chance for what thirty days and forty birdies a bogey there won't sit there. And you're trying to you know because sounds like good news for the individual investor but an uncontrollable events like van earth here and on the other side of the world something that could affect our retirement savings but. Can you help prepare people for possibilities like that. First if Warner relaxed yeah. But the newspaper Dallas while I read there are coming here greasy and has plead down to assist us get called and what's your read about Kris. It's like I think gross domestic product and numbers of Louisiana. That's very small and yet it seems are getting all the press so folks if you newspaper readers put on the on the news and it's all about Christy don't really know what next if it sells it sells them in the media gets to sell the stuff makes for good drama. It is serious talk and Iran to other sports yours over there than here. With the Dallas class holy day all day long and people gonna air mass is question what decreased about China about this I said okay let's start with that. There's always going to be something in hand and you can always worried about something or you can learn to say listen this about me it's about my family it's the army retired army going on the cruise with my spouse. Having fun taking your grand kids to the playground. How do you want her daughter you want Oregon increased when you're looking at this and its own said that earlier said that it'll recover it always does this is not one of those major. A 20012008. Scenarios. If you wanna worry the worry about China the stock market more than this Kris thanks so. A lot of noise and nationals coming going on and on with this person like everybody else significant as rambling road I think kind of gets me amp up a little bit Christen. Yet. These are choices we have. People come in here. What gets talked about it's fun it's always a fun topic to mull over yeah they have to move on quickly itself collect the data brass tacks here how we tried to accomplish. Hey George to have enough money. Hey Ryan can help new special security. And George. I think taxes going up during the I can do to prepare myself for this hate George we've got. I'm mothers and nursing home I don't want my kids taking care of me the way I'm taking is there anything I can do today. That can possibly. Help me in my family have come around these the topics we need to be talk about it. Down to earth more personable more. And a little less global little bit more local yes thinking more locally and not is globally but because we care about as much as. Of course I don't want folks around the world said you found in a bad situation. This problem misses when it comes down so we all really are concerned and our own personal economies more than anything and that's just human but it's also something you really do need to be paying attention to when you have to pay to the attention to the news headlines are. Watching you know MSNBC CNBC and paying attention to the market that way you just have to pay attention and work with someone that is focused on that and it George Ryan the team at north star financial retirement planning that's what they do every single day in their offices in Greenville Asheville or Andersonville. Whichever is closest to you. College you've got questions in mind to come in for a complimentary retirement review 805. Point 809. At the 20. This month the New York Mets paid their full third baseman Bobby baloney more than a million dollars in deferred payment installments. Pay an annual salary yearly for the next when he years. Now most useless today and bathrooms on Wednesday all of us see today may not be able to get a deal like that you know he's a former baseball player. Can't we draw some income long after we stopped working I noticed that Social Security but many beyond that. Well for shipped it back to the batting cage if you're back to your day HD TVS sold working exactly later. Up close enough. I think that that's incredible what a nice little pension he has I'd like catch up. The easy to seriously what are you looking at this you're looking at a situation where are fortunate and that is in 99% of cases and not gonna happen to other people most of these baseball players flaming out. To get the money the lifestyle they get accustomed to it. Then again hurt injured retire they haven't set aside now and guess what. This is where there's or multiple articles or books on this Christmas about professional athletes who had at all with some period of justice several years. Watching it disappear. I find it it's just amazing that the professional athletes don't have financial counselors festival ONE two this Libyan leader money. Filmmaker crowd they don't talk about entry after they stop. And how can they make this money last a lifetime yeah so that I I don't get it I don't know why they don't do this enough that people go after they don't give you ten million dollars will make it twenty. So they buy twenty million dollar house set of ten million dollar house same problem. And an easier if so when you look at this let's bring it down to two us here in the area people are working. That are saving don't have a million dollars you're coming in for twenty years. You need to start putting a plan together you gotta make this money last right that's kind of a simple thing how is it gonna happen are you having this dialogue currently is is concerned. Pretty familiar with some solutions and tools that are out there. Most people are not if they are more often than not we find people I have. Incorrect. Information. As far as the products that are available. And yes and this is what happens in it becomes it becomes a logjam. With information so what do people and of doing. What they've always done your brain freeze. Your brain for just so looking at this so I believe I believe. People work very hard their whole lives and I believe people are entitled to worry for retirement. That's the thing is you've generally have a plan to do that and a lot of people die offs and Mikey said you know just not being aware of stuff like that and and made poor human an advisor and it's not bringing things up like this back to make a huge difference. My beliefs I believe that's actually the case for looking at people today. That they they have a million dollar for OK they're very proud of it just fly. Onto Sam's got. 300000 are coming to them could be more camera. What is the dialogue her head and this this one million dollars to 200 whenever 250000 dollars or is it doing was just as could be 500000 dollars somewhere in the military two million dollars guess what now they have 600000 dollars coming taxes. So what kind of dialing it is now which makes what she keeps folks. It's what she key ally that we should keep it you do have to think about that he you can make it in saves and a bunch of money we talked earlier in the show about celebrities in the top earners. So far for 2015. Making you know ninety plus million dollars all that's great but what they do that money is the same thing it as just listening they've got a good decisions what it and you know it appeared in the Carolinas we invite you to team up with that north star financial and retirement planning says start getting that planning together because really acknowledges our. Georgian Ryan really help you develop a retirement income plans that achieve your personal goals northstar 65 dot com log on now find out more on our call and that's a compliment your retirement review our offices in Greenville Asheville or Henderson bill. 805180920. Is talking about that planning yet. I'm sure that money is often a source of friction among couples says it has been for many of us throughout the years that Bedell investments recently surveyed over 1000 couples and 47%. Disagreed about how much money they need for retirement. George do you on the team at north star help couples planned for about her retirement and coming on the same page. F I was I was a couple we had in this way. Guess a couple of questions and there there are facing me and asked the question in this sense just turned towards each other they started each other. I still it's funny. As I think it was the questions that hadn't come up before and one was. Kind of waiting for a 125 years until I know an outlook because staring at each other and that in this that's kind of well that's a good question you way to prove once respond. First before you kind of say something so what that means is maybe the conversation hasn't happened before. You have to be careful as a man not retirement I'm not planning for longevity. Is more detrimental. To the wife the chances are women are most likely to suffer the consequences of poor retirement plan and that's why is that longevity. Yes we need to plant as it was I live or die as to exactly. Men. If they come to a point where they need care getting them come frail need some somebody help out usually the wife. What he's lethal with younger. A little bit healthier they take care now with a husband passed away. Oh I'm so the message is we take care. Kids sometimes there are sometimes not it's just the challenges are completely different so you have to be very careful folks. Humanity and just keep kicking the can down the street and he's seeing that for your loved one you need to sit down and and at least take a look can have a have a snapshot you have you are again won't we talk about too Chris with this program. We encourage people to to call him and have a consultation and sit down say. You don't know us anything we don't expect anything besides an open mind when you come in and and and honest conversation. And sometimes we can help sometimes we can have what jobs we love to earn your business somehow be able to help out great that's that's wonderful having the launch relationship purely comes down to sometimes just being able have a dialogue to stimulate the conversation between. You and your loved one to say listen. As a professional mentally certain things you might not want here we need to address. At the very least get a handshake we thank you very much we've never talked to that level before and these things and you contrast and some will come back and some won't Christian which is fine. And we get some calls a week or two later just some my calling to thank us or we might think then we're not gonna hear back from this couple and they call a month later in this they've been talking about. All the topics they came up while they met with a us right another wanna come back in and take care something's not. Folks lest we got a blessing for two years. And they they called those of us and we're ready to have a dialogue and they're very comfortable those those are nice conversation there we understand each gangster a sitting down and fingerprinting sold. And that's the goal to roll Kristen and I treat people well on the treatment at our soul I wanna be helped. You know just don't put out there and pressuring its doing something no one to the folks out there are instructing them to show. We're service we are real people I believe for Kerry people lots of references for people would like preferences we love we do. I feel we play unique part of people's retirement and once again I your compete with your maybe your initial burst he's grown your money but if I had a conversation we're having today in a previous show us. I challenge you say why not and maybe it's time to. That conversation along with something it's more personal and up to date with where you are used in Europe positions life. If you're listening for the first time today Czech Senate northstar 65 dot com births that yet call and speak to it. George Ryan and the team and sent us a complimentary retirement review all the air 805 point 809. At 20 cents 805 point 809. At 20. I'm Christian cross on behalf of George Fawcett and Ryan Mulligan in the entire team that lost our financial and retirement planning. Thank you so much for making sound boring if you're tired of. Romo again thank you offer was this George Fuzzy thanks for listening hope you have a great summer and got us. Into. Social Security it's your money and still in the nineteen Social Security like it's preteen. It may be the biggest financial blunder you can make this your first retirement. You realize that villiers he's a strategy when he comes to electing those security benefits. Can cost you enjoy thousands and thousands upon thousands of dollars in lost retirement income. And people living longer and it's now more important than ever before the make the right decisions about wind and how to begin receiving Social Security benefit. That's why it's important to build a complete retirement lifestyle strategy with the north are financial and retirement planning before you apply for Social Security benefit. George I think can help you craft your retirement income strategy that incorporates Social Security optimization. Are complementary Social Security report today from northstar financial and retirement plan. 805180920. Or visit north start 65 dot com. The opinions expressed by George Foster Northrop financial and get some pretty good show on their own and you know. Billions of the radio station all statements and opinions expressed are based upon information considered reliable putter which cannot be relied upon has done anything bigger loser than did you change without notice. Involve risk and a month for the white did not guaranteed. Cannot be used as an indicator determine future results or strategies Benjamin that is suitable for everyone's information expressed to not take into account your specific situation and objectives and not intended as recommendations appropriate for you. Information mentioned it's a with a qualified text legal or investment advisor. It's urban it's suitable for your specific situation that program designed to provide accurate and authoritative information. Affiliated with the war endorsed by the Social Security Administration or any other government agency.